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This is what we were hoping for at the big main stage announcement at blizzcon this year for diablo, and any of these top 4 ideas would've been great with the fanbase:

(1) Diablo 4 announcements / trailers (ok, you told us this wouldn't be it, so we put this one aside. still, you could have if you wanted to and didn't because...mobile game?)

(2) D3 content announcement - new expac, druid / other new class, any new content, any changes to content, etc. Anything really.

(3) Diablo 2 Remaster

(4) Diablo 1 Remaster

Then there's the super bottom of the list that you could've done still better than announcing a mobile game on a list of 100 ideas better than a mobile game:

(98) Diablo invades Starcraft and you can watch Diablo float in zero gravity

(99) An app where you make a 2d avatar and Diablo repeatedly kicks you in the crotch on a dubstep loop to Diablo saying "Not even death can you save you from me."

(100) A new Diablo hearthstone card where when you play it, it deletes your entire hearthstone library.

Then there's what you guys did, which falls somewhere on a list so absurdly low on the priority list of diablo content to release at blizzcon that it took me a while to even find it:

(1890531980940392810850385090194031905808950185018) make a mobile game of diablo that nobody wants because mobile games suck and are a scam cash grab. Right after idea #(1890531980940392810850385090194031905808950185017) which is "A How to guide on throwing your computer into a dumpster and lighting it on fire and pray to the lord of destruction to take your herpes away."

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