BlizzCon Thoughts from the Face of Diablo

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Wanted to share some of my thoughts during Blizzcon, what led me to ask the question I did and what I was feeling during the ceremony.
Saw it already, it is a great video.
These are truly dark times for Diablo fans.
Watching it now. Good work, mate.
feels F-ing bad man... its brutal to witness the fvkery that is going on, seriously
This is the first time I've ever upvoted a streamer-related video in GD. Really well done, and props for keeping a level head.

Could have kept the twitter pitch out of it though, it kinda distracts from the main topic. Maybe put it as a footnote at the end of the video or something instead? [edit: Thanks dude, that was cool of you.]
Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for Sharing. Had fun with your necro guide this season.Although seeing that we aren't getting anything new for D3 means I likely won't be playing anymore though. And to stop me from being more angry I have removed all Blizzard games from my computer.
Great job and it's good to hear what happened from someone at the center of it.
Sorry didnt see you posted your video here already.

I enjoyed your video. Its was interesting to see what was going through yours, and everyone's head
The Face of Diablo. :D
Thanks for sharing

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