review from red shirt guy 2.0

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i`m just 110% agree with is statement all respect to him
Anybody who doesn't understand the outrage behind Immortal, or is an avid Diablo 3 fan, should watch this video. This is exactly the player base that blizzard is moving away from with their little mobile venture.
Blizzard has betrayed and failed their most passionate Fans of the Diablo franchise since the launch of D3, only to gain an army of newcomers that buy and play D3 casually. Greed and Franchise-Incompetence have damaged the Diablo franchise tremendously after Blizzard North's departure, and I don't think they can repair the damage they have done starting with D3, until they hopefully prove me wrong.
This guy will never be able to wear anything in public but a red Diablo shirt anymore :P

And yeah, he gets it.

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