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PTR Feedback 2.6.4
First off, let me just say, that I've played Diablo since the PS1 Diablo 1. I then converted to PC because my dad was a PC guy. I was about 6 or 7 at this time, and yes, I died a million times and even remember getting stuck in the Caves because the entrance was crowded and I'd get stun locked. Anyway, moving on. Played Diablo 2 and D2 LoD for many years. D3 came out. Huge let-down. Once again, moving on to todays point. Blizzard, you have chosen to "balance" the game simply by adding 0's to the end of set damage numbers or just doubling the numbers. That isn't balance, at all. Literally all you did was make it even easier to reach a minimal of GR70 to be able to obtain Primals. The way your system works, in the new season, I seriously don't want to just rush the season objectives and then all of a sudden go from a T4 steady grind to a T13 massacre and blow up GR content like it is nothing. Your steadily diminishing player base have worked really hard to get where they have currently achieved in the greater rifts. Balancing shouldn't be like all of your previous patch notes. Set damage increased from 300 to 600, 600 to 1200, 1200 to 1500, 1500 to 3000, 3000 to 6000, etc. That isn't balance. I want the game to be more challenging. But as previously stated, slapping on a set that doesn't even have to have good stats on it, and blowing up all the content on the game, is ridiculous. How about you actually balance the way skills work, and their damage numbers? Example, Arcane Orb. It deals 435% damage in a radius of 15. Next rune, deals 700%, but has a radius of 9. Fair enough. However when you level, you see other runes and it makes you think, okay, that one is the most superior, none of the others can compete. I want to use this certain skill, but it sucks. So, I will have to use this one called Frozen Orb because it deals 950% and still retains its 15 radius. I mean really? What is the point of any other rune? For 250%, I get to have a set of 4 purple balls rotate around me dealing no damage while I get blasted in the face as a melee wizard. It's not like it provides any sort of legitimate defense or use. Scorch, deals even less, at a random number of 221%, because you know, you couldn't make it like 220 or 230 or something, and burns for 734 over 5 seconds. That is 146.8 per second, and typically enemies don't just kind of roll around in your fire like it's a water slide. Then again, it's so weak, it may as well be. Not getting into any other skills, but really. Think about your so-called balancing. You've ruined your player base. The game is supposed to have diversity. Not every top tier player having all the exact, or close to exact gear and rune choices. What is the point of having no rune? No modifiers. It sucks. It's unloved. At least make a unique that thrives on rune-less skills. On top of this, you've gotten so lazy that new seasons are literally all the same. No new uniques. No new areas. No new gems. No new sets. All that is changing this season is slapping on damage numbers to sets, making T13, your highest difficulty, a total joke with the new set damages. Giving us a passive RRoG buff, is not a reason to want to play a new season. Diversity is. Give a couple new areas. Actually change and BALANCE skills. Give us brand new drops. I want to see a top tier Hydra Wizard. A top tier shield throw Crusader. Top tier any of the skills you've neglected. You don't care about your Diablo fan-base anymore, and we can all see it. PS, I've looted 5 Dawns without any legendary affix. Thanks.
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