No Immortal on PC.

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@Droth - I’d quote you, but then I’d just be quoting the whole post. Well said!

I’m curious as to what kind of response Blizzard will have (if any) to the overwhelmingly negative reaction to this. I think they expected some backlash, but not like this. I can definitely see them regrouping after the weekend and responding in some way...but then again I wouldn’t be shocked if they said nothing at all.
11/02/2018 02:04 PMPosted by Praetorian
Oh man, as soon as I saw Diablo Immortal I was low-key hoping it was a d2 remaster that you can play on all platforms including mobile. But it's literally an asset flip

Kind of what i was thinking as well or something to tell the story of what was going on between d2 and d3 that would be playable on all platforms but not this. I can't think of a bigger let down from BlizzCon ever overall was just WOW did i really just make time to watch this. But feels like they need new "GOOD IDEAS" in the company many remakes of old classics which is nice to bring them up to date but feels like the TV/Movie industry that just remakes/reboots things as they are not sure what to do/make or want a cash grab. WOW had a lot of things that felt decent in legion nice story lines for the class or side stories which they so far are falling short in BFA or making worse like mission board/champions for a example. I just hope the blizzard we know and love can still come out of the fires that is this BlizzCon.
hello, if you don't like it, just don't play it !

Brandy and the "multiple projects" great.
It's like when you were a kid and you were looking forward to getting an xbox for Christmas but when you opened it up it was a atari 2600. Thanks for ruining Christmas all over again Blizzard
11/02/2018 07:43 PMPosted by Sephix
hello, if you don't like it, just don't play it !


Wyatt is that you?
Being a Diablo franchise fan it's just to live on memories. Thats is why I don't play atm :(

Well, a lot of things made by Blizz to D3 have hurting me, like morticks (I've never forget that!), ignore cheats or lack of content but this is like a smashed in the soul.
11/02/2018 07:30 PMPosted by Shanrakk
holy crap. Why is everyone so toxic?

Must I link the evidence? This info was given out very late very very very late

And for your information I really felt sorry for the person on stage. When the following was mentioned:

"everybody at Blizzcon wearing the blue crew shirts at Blizzard, would love to say hello.. [awkward mid-thought pause as he considers audience reaction]. Have fun, make friends and [hesitation] have an epic epic [said it twice in insecurity] Blizzcon thank you"

Lookup the video I am referencing, and really pay attention : ( Not going to lie, it's genuinely sad.
Sad, sad, sad, sad day...
When they tried to tone down our expectations I was expecting D2 HD instead of D4. This is just... wow...

Diablo is one of the most loved PC games in PC gaming history. If I'm at home, why would I want to game on a tiny mobile screen? My 2, 4 and 6 year old nephews like to game on phones and tablets. I like to game on a PC.

A game about slaughtering demons isn't going to be the next Fortnite, and Fortnite at least has a PC version. Why you'd make a mobile only game for a game whose primary fan base are all PC gamers... I have no idea. It seems like the epitome of incompetence. You'd at least make a freaking PC version of the game. You'd probably start on PC also and the mobile port would be the afterthought. Instead we start on mobile, give PC gamers the finger and then ask them if they have phones...
Should be called Diablo: Intern

Because this !@#$ storm is apparently being developed by %^-*ing interns. Unbelievable.
Ehh I'll probably download it, play it for 30 minuets and lose interest in it like every mobile game I have tried.

I have hundreds of hours in D3 and that's a drop in the bucket compared to most players.

Immortal will only be decent for playing while I poop and that's if I haven't had enough fiber that day.

To be honest, this should have been announced on Switch as a side by side on PC/Mobile.
If anyone has been watching the servers, clans, general chat, or just trying to find people to play with in Diablo 3 you may have noticed after a couple weeks of a new season the people online diminishes very quickly. Now in season which isn't old there is not many people playing. The announcement of Diablo Immortal and the feedback from which it has thus far received, speaks volumes

We endured the auction hall , the leader boards with all the bots and exploits. Let's not forget TurboHud, and the rest. As a community we have had to find the love of the game from all of this.

I was part of the closed beta for Diablo 3 and have been a staunch advocate for the game ever since. I now find myself very troubled with this new turn in the road for the game, the lack of people playing, and 4 seasons of the same old thing, and just feel like a new era has arrived that I will not be part of. I have no interest in mobile gaming. I have no interest in staring at my phone in a "SOCIAL" game when I do have a social life with people in real life, and play with them in game.

We don't want much, some new content, maybe a new class, an add-on, at the very least a patch. What we got was "Immortal", No thank you, but I don't want it!
So sad I don't even have the wanting to play any other Blizzard game anymore...

This was a huge middle finger to us thousands of gamers that grew playing Diablo and Diablo 2, and made Blizzard what it is now.

It's like they hate and want to destroy all the old Blizzard North made.

11/02/2018 07:44 PMPosted by Kanki
Brandy and the "multiple projects" great.

Yeah, Switch port and mobile. /sadface
A reskinned Chinese mobile game. Unbelievable.
They took the Necro sales money and ran.

For an entire year.

So that they could tell us of an amazing mobile Diablo game in development.
Hell, people said things like "watch their big announcement be a diablo mobile lolololol" just as a freakin joke. And now.......Yeah....

11/02/2018 07:27 PMPosted by Drothvader
11/02/2018 07:17 PMPosted by BrownieMix
Couldn’t agree more. If they said they were targeting a new audience or trying to expand the Diablo appeal, that would have at least made sense. But to say they are going after die-hard PC fans with this is just ridiculous.

So let's contrast this to another company doing something similar with one of their franchises.

Game Freak and Nintendo are releasing two new Pokemon Yellow remakes title Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. These are basically just Pokemon Go but remade for Yellow.

The fan reaction was immensely negative, despite the fact that the games actually don't look that terrible. Junichi Masuda's goal was to bring Pokemon to a wider audience, possibly rekindle interest from older generation 1 players that gave up the the franchise. The game features a lot of Pokemon Go mechanics and Pokemon Go integration that will bring in casual players from Go too.

However, at the same time Nintendo officially stated there's a Core RPG in the works too for 2019 and the Let's Go games aren't considered core games. So with that announcement, the hate subsided and people are either just going to take or leave the Let's Go games and wait for the 2019 game.

Now what did Blizzard do? They basically said they have a mobile game in the works. But what about something new for the franchise on PC? Not a single word.

While Nintendo at least acknowledges that they're taking big risks trying something new with Pokemon, Blizzard just doesn't seem to care about Diablo at all. Masuda knows that Let's Go isn't going to bring in the die hard Pokemon fans, but for some reason the team at Blizzard thinks Diablo fans are just so absolutely blindly loyal enough that they play whatever Blizzard churns out regardless of quality. And you know what, there are people that will, I happen to know a few of them personally.

That just blows my mind that Blizzard would think that Diablo Immortal will bring in PC players.

Had Diablo Immortal been announced as a side project, it probably would have been well received. Instead, it was announced as a REPLACEMENT for the PC franchises and it rubs us all the wrong way.

I had a very similar thought. If Blizz had only had a super short (30 sec) D4 cinematic, just a couple scenes with a voice over, basically to only officially state the game is in development.
Then Wyatt comes on stage to say we officially announce D4 is in development. It'll be a while before you can enter that version of Sanctuary, however in the meantime to build excitement and the audience for D4 we are going to launch this mobile version of Diablo for you to bring your friends into Sanctuary. Then when D4 launches have your new mobile friends come play on PC too.

instead, aren't you thankful.

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