No Immortal on PC.

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WoW is, well was my favorite game to play and I thought It was getting the short stick. I tip my hat to you all who play Diablo. Ya'll didn't just get the short stick, you got it sideways, in a rapid back and forth vector of movement.
I hope it is free so I can download it and enjoy endless hours deleting it and re-downloading over and over as I laugh and cry manically...
Not even new class for Diablo 3? No expansion? Make something for D3 to us to pay you for.. But mobile? Won't pay a cent for that..

Logged in just to write down how disappointed in general..
11/02/2018 10:31 PMPosted by Pulski
My first panel of my first BlizzCon... Saddest part of an otherwise great trip so far. I have a fast phone, but it's a medium I have no interest in gaming on. There's no part of mobile gaming that isn't an ergonomic nightmare.

It's not that they made a mobile game, it's the feeling that, as a PC gamer that loves the d3 universe, bringing new stories that can't also be enjoyed on Diablo's de facto standard platform is a huge let down after a huge content gap, which is potentially a death knell for d3 streamers that just want anything new they can highlight.

Then add just as a kicker it's a simple reskin of another game. Not just one other game. Multiple other games. All done by the same company. Same animations, same u.i., same gameplay, same art, same.. everything.
11/02/2018 10:28 PMPosted by LegendZ
11/02/2018 09:44 PMPosted by pkmule
Though as you said, maybe what's needed is for EVERYONE to experience the same disappointment as us, so that Blizzard will go back to what made Diablo great.

go back? Don't ignore the writing on the wall with the big names the pillars of this company that have left blizzard now. You're falling into the psychological trap of the abused girlfriend who can't leave her boyfriend thats the psychology at play here.

That was more or less a hypothetical statement. I honestly don't have faith in Blizzard - not since all the guys from Blizzard North left anyway.

This announcement just reinforced my opinions about Blizzard and the direction they're taking Diablo.
they will give you idiots a pc version of this game and it will suck like diablo 3
Seriously, I understand there's a market for mobile games. But *nothing* for the people on PC (or even console)? Wow, just wow... that's a hell of a bad decision to make.

Honestly, if Blizzard are gonna do anything with mobile I'd prefer a direct port of Warcraft 2.
Thank you MissCheetah. I know there’s only one or two other surviving MVPs.
Thanks for saying what needs to be said. This is betrayal of the worst kind.
11/02/2018 11:03 PMPosted by killertcell
I know there’s only one or two other surviving MVPs.

RIP :(
The thing is, if the mobile market fails--and sadly I doubt it will--it's so cheaply developed they can take the losses. The company making the game just reskins previous games.

It's the epitome of soulless mass production.
Giving this a little more thought, I just realised they said persistent MMO RPG... on a phone. I don't have the data on my phone plan for that. So it's not even like I could play a bit on the train on the way to the city. The only time I'd be able to play it would be at home on my home wi-fi. Where I'd be better off sitting in front of my PC or TV enjoying a game on a big screen, not a damned 5 inch phone.

!@#$%^-, I may have come round to the game if it was basically a port of Diablo that you could play on your phone without needing to be continuously online, but online only? Not a chance.
11/02/2018 11:08 PMPosted by Desalien
The thing is, if the mobile market fails--and sadly I doubt it will--it's so cheaply developed they can take the losses. The company making the game just reskins previous games.

It's the epitome of soulless mass production.

Sadly there probably won't even *be* losses because of precisely the reasons you stated. It looks like such a cheap reskin that their break even point is so low they can't possibly *not* make a profit.

Even more sadly, if the mobile version fails and loses money they're more likely to take this as "diablo isn't popular, no more diablo" rather than "fans want diablo on PC/console not on phone".
Crushed MissCheetah's spirit and over 1500 people on this thread agree that you did crush her spirit. I doubt 1500 different people have posted on this forum in the last year.

Might be time to fire the marketing guys who thought this mobile trash was a good idea.
A perfect game for my daily toilet where i take a 5-15 mins dump.

I've cancelled my WoW sub....unliked/unfollowed everything Blizzard on my FB and Twitter.

They will breakrupt with D3 mobile. Everyone i know will not play, i asked a MMO fb survey more than 6k answers no, 134 maybe, just 5 would play (one of them just while he poos) hahaha.

Investor think mobile it's the wave because from Nintendo Switch, but they will get same mistake from Nvidia shield and other mobile products just didnt pay the own project was spent to launch.

Let's wait it get wrong and laugh on their face at the end.
11/02/2018 01:26 PMPosted by MissCheetah
No plans for immortal on PC. The audience yelled boo. Many of us. Not a single cheer. I am immensely disappointed. I feel like they abandoned the entire Diablo community. Nothing for us at all. I have actually been crying. I don't know what else to say.

Why are you crying over a game?
It is sad what has happened to the Diablo franchise. Some of us really wanted to go back to the roots of what a loot finding, dungeon crawling adventure should be but the company is all about profit and the real players have moved on. Games today are now about auction houses, loot boxes, and bot or pay to win.

We need the old guard from the extinct Blizzard North (formally Condor) with David Brevit as lead and Matt Uelmen for the music, to reform and come up with a new Diablo (or even a remake). Wait just a bit longer and maybe they can buy the rights for pennies on the dollar :(
I have actually been crying. I don't know what else to say.


No need to get so emotional over a !@#$ game.

It's bad, but it's not worse than the %^-*ing real money auction house.
Today was my first ever Blizzcon that I am attending with my oldest son. We packed the PS4 in our bags to play D3 co-op in the hotel all night in prep for today. I joked in the extremely long security lines that the announcement was going to be Diablo for mobile but it was nothing more than a joke. I watched the opening ceremony as I sat and played the WoW Classic demo and thought, "I am in gaming and geek heaven." After an otherwise stellar opening ceremony, the whole Diablo affair was deflating and awkward to say the least. It felt like a punch to the gut.

After licking my wounds, I rushed over to play the demo (on a fancy phone) and sure enough, my fears were confirmed. This is nothing more than a watered down, neutered Diablo 3 expansion pack on mobile devices. I was standing at the back of the Q&A line before they cut it off to ask this:

"Great, you are announcing a casual, mobile experience to appeal to new and casual players but what are you working on for your loyal and hardcore fans?"

I stand by this question. We have Diablo 3 on Switch now. We don't need any other mobile experiences any time soon, especially a mobile exclusive that contains important lore and new lands. At this point, I don't even know if I dare go to Saturday's Q&A session that will mostly likely be canned and full off planted "excited mobile players" (The only other Diablo session at all for Blizzcon by the way) - I mean HEROES OF THE STORM has 10x more content and presence at Blizzcon if that give you any indication of the mistreatment of this series. Every single game at Blizzcon is playable on PC.. except Diablo Immortal. The series least friendly to mobile IMHO.

In the end, I applaud you MVPs for voicing what we all feel. I wanted to share the magic of this series with my son but now, I hope for the best yet fear the worst for my favorite series that originally stoked my imagination and touched my geeky heart over 20 years ago..

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