No Immortal on PC.

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11/02/2018 01:31 PMPosted by DoomBringer


"You all have phones", was in the incorrect response to fans booing. Wtf guys.
"Do you not own phones?" Blizzcon 2018.
I mean at least with bethesda they teased another brand new IP and TES6 after showing their mobile game.
11/02/2018 01:47 PMPosted by Zero
"Do you guys not have phones?!"

Of course we all have phones you !@#$ing %^-*s... We also have PC's we've spent THOUSANDS of dollars on just to play games and you come out with this BS!!!!

Of course we're upset... Whomever even came up with this idea and whoever endorsed, NEEDS to be fired...

You have MILLIONS of PAYING CUSTOMERS saying, "Make THIS and I'll GLADLY pay for it!!" and you make the EXACT OPPOSITE, to the point that it was a meme for years, and expect ANYTHING less than disdain from your playerbase, is a complete disconnect from reality...

I'm sorry, but there's bad for business and there's trying to ruin a company and it's near 30 year franchise... You've crashed and burned, just leave before you do more damage please!!

Yes I own a phone. And this trash will NOT be on it :)
While I've disagreed with your opinions on a lot of things, you have always been a logical poster and keeping the community discussion going. The fact you're upset like all of us is a huge sign that Blizzard screwed up royally.
11/02/2018 01:41 PMPosted by KingArthur
I am beyond speechless tbh. This knot in my gut just won't go away. Ar first glance of the cinematic I was overjoyed to the point that tears of joy started to flow, then it was announced it was exclusively for mobile devices and my heart broke. Sad. Very Very Sad.

Not Wyatt's Fault that he is directed to present these things. I am sure the company board have tied both of his hands behind his back on this, and am certain that he empathizes with the Diablo Community.

Exactly my thought, when he made the initial announcement. You can tell he was practically stumbling over his words. Poor guy knew he was between a rock and a hard place trying to make the sell and no matter the result, the community will eviscerate him for it even though he's just the messenger being shot at.
Well, then it's good-bye, Diablo. Shame on you, Blizzard. Shame.
No wonder Mike Morhaine jumped before this.
I tried so hard for Blizzcon tickets this year and lost out on all 3 attempts......I am so happy i did.

Blizzard is completely off the mark with this one, the Diablo team is very clearing NOT listing to it's community and they are certainly NOT making games for them.

What is the point to watch a great film on mobile if you have IMAX theatre?

This franchise is on mobile platform, are you joking? It is like having sex over the phone.
I guess now that they're finally making classic they needed a new "You think you do, but you don't," moment.
I´m so disappointed. Just saying nothing about Diablo would have been a million times better than this. My girlfriend and i spend hours and hours in this game, it was a huge part of our free time. She´s is crying right now and i´m so angry.....

Better had said nothing on Blizzcon and just released the mobile quietly mid year as a filler. Now you got the !@#$storm. I thought, big companys have PR-departments ? Yours should be fired.
Guys, it is okay to be disappointed, but there is no need to cry. If they wanted they could create a new D4 game. It is simply not worth stressing yourself over these decisions. Their loss after all, isn't it? :-)
MissCheetah, thank you for not just being damage control on this. I know it's hard to take this announcement for all of us, thanks for representing how we actually feel.
Oh man, as soon as I saw Diablo Immortal I was low-key hoping it was a d2 remaster that you can play on all platforms including mobile. But it's literally an asset flip
maybe someone can make a authorized mobile program usable with pc's.
11/02/2018 01:49 PMPosted by BrownieMix
You want D4? Hope you’re still around in 2-4 years

2-4 years? It took them 10-12 just to make 3
I don't actually own a mobile phone. I have a landline. I have DSL. I have a computer. Why would I need a mobile phone? I'm retired. What I do have is investments and disposable income. This isn't how you earn any of it.

Oh and people lay off Brandy. I seriously doubt she chose this and she has a job to do.

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