How do you think Blizzard will respond?

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11/02/2018 02:32 PMPosted by Uchikinawa
Ignore after promising better communication.

For some reason this made me laugh, a lot. Because that's exactly what they do every time a !@#$ show hits their doorstep. They promise and never deliver.
11/04/2018 03:32 AMPosted by Azrael
Pretend everyone is excited. When addressing any public negative attitude towards it, someone will chirp in and say: "You think you don't want it, but you do."

We already had that "don't you have phones?"
Keep trying to sell you the cell phone game or fire your development team lol.
11/02/2018 02:33 PMPosted by Pett27
Whith another garbage game, Diablo the battle royale.

I would actually prefer if they released a battle royale. It would at least be more original than Immortal. Even if it was built from the ground up, it looks and plays way too much like half a dozen other mobile games that have been released in the last two to three years.
Offer rewards for other blizzard games in it. Its the best way to get people to play. Mount for WoW/Hots, Skin/spray/lootbox for OW, Card back for Heathstone, Portrait for SC and probably a Banner or wings for Diablo.

  • They'll either remain completely silent or make some vague post somewhere about hearing us and being hopeful about the future. Expect 0 ownership of this mess though
  • Then people will leave, because enough is enough -- you can only take so much
  • Then the numbers difference in white knights and dissenters on the forums will slowly shift in favor of white knights
  • Then it will look like only a few people have a problem with D:I
  • This will encourage Activision Blizzard to make similar franchise decisions
  • The process will repeat itself and spread to other IPs over the years until finally, one of the games won't make a solid return
  • The company will bleed trying to figure out what went wrong for a little bit until they either close up shop or expand by consuming smaller companies/IPs which they will also drive into the ground

The process may, at any time, be interrupted or delayed by a quality release.

This is how Blizzard will respond.

If someone said to you ' I guarantee that you could bring in 50% more money by only selling mobile games into the Chinese market, but you will have to give away every single one of your current customers' - would you do it?

If the answer is No then what on earth are you doing right now?
blizzard does not need to respond the mobile game is still going to make blizzard a lot of money you can hate there decision all you want it is a smart move by blizzard
uhh they won't, they already got our money GGnubs
Slowly banning and making disappear negative reactions like it didn't happen.
They will relaease Diablo 4 soon, on Facebook as a Social Game...
11/02/2018 02:28 PMPosted by DoomBringer
How will they address this disaster?

Theyve responded already with "Dont you have a phone ??" - thats response enough for a hundred years ! 5 words that tell so very much !
I think you’re all unbelievably stupid and badly need to get a grip. You’re riffing off conspiracy theories about video games and it’s fairly absurd.

Before BlizzCon, they told you to cool your jets. They told you weeks ago that they have multiple Diablo things in the works and they’re not ready to announce them all at the con. They told you this right up front. Then they do exactly that...and you guys go into meltdown mode about how you’ve been betrayed and lied to when the exact opposite is true. It’d be amazing if it wasn’t so frighteningly sad.

Because they’re making a mobile game? Really?
They will say that they are exploring new ways of improving communication and hide for a few months.
11/04/2018 03:56 AMPosted by Neyth
They will relaease Diablo 4 soon, on Facebook as a Social Game...

Oh, yes that is another platform that they will want to port Diablo too.

You can play with all your facebook friends!

What will they do? Reveal that Di is actually D4 and mobile is the only way Diablo will be supported going forward.

Enjoy the taste of New Coke!
people keep defending with " they warned us about no big diablo announcement" and it's true but then who the hell decided hmm do we do a diablo 4 first or do we make the mobile game 1st..........
I expect they will give us a trolling response where they tell us what we want with a !@#$-eating grin all over their faces.

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