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Hello fellow fans of the Diablo Franchise and perhaps other Blizzard titles as well as developers and Community Managers that may find their way to this post.

Hmm...Where to start...I guess perhaps it's best if I suggest you...

Stay awhile, and listen...

Ok ok jokes aside on to the real talk.

I admit along with many others I was initially very disappointed about the announcement of a Mobile game instead of any news about anything else Diablo related, not even a like Remaster or even a big D3 patch anything...but I think what a lot of people have been doing and saying is a bit much. I'm still sad about the fact we didn't get any PC announcements for the Diablo experience but I also fully respect that a lot of time and energy went into making Diablo Immortal and it's really an experience that's meant to branch out the Diablo experience to new places and new platforms. I think that a lot of people just initially jumped on this hate train for it for no real reason other than the fact that they didn't get any new stuff for the hardcore fans that exist on the PC and...no real offense to the guys on stage but throwing out the whole retort of...

Do you own phones?

Was probably a bit tactless on your part. Most people were never mad about the fact that a new game was coming to mobile and I'm sure many will probably play it...it was that we were hoping for something, ANYTHING for the PC. I've been running around doing alphas and betas for companies for a long time now and I have seen companies come and go and change names, including you guys at Blizzard. Your company and the devs of Diablo both current and of years past have always been about creating a fun and interesting experiences for the players and I have faith that Diablo: Immortal is another one of those great experiences...it's just not for a lot of us. I would LOVE to play it but my phone is a several year old S6, I seriously doubt it's going to run it and I don't need anything bigger than that. My tablet is an old Tab3 as well so for me part of the problem with the announcement is that it is quite literally not anything I will play. I do not play games on my phone anyway and I'm sure there are millions of fans out there that also do not play games on their phones.

I believe in the team that works on Diablo games, and I have faith that the experience will be a great Diablo Experience, I'm sad that I wont get to play it and I'm more sad by the fact that there was no news for things that I can actually play and I think that's what most of the fans were upset about. It had nothing to do with Diablo Immortal being bad or anything, there were just a lot of people upset that there was no PC news.

I love you guys over there working on Diablo, the people who design the experiences that follow the lines of what I fell in love with back when I first played the Original in the mid 90s and then later D2 and now Diablo 3. I know you're working on some great things and I am excited for what the future will bring for the Diablo experiences I can enjoy. So please, don't get disheartened by the outrage that has flowed from the community...we just want to have a Diablo experience we can actually Play and Enjoy on our chosen platforms.

Take care everyone and remember:

Just because it isn't an experience for you, doesn't mean it isn't an experience for another fan of the game you know and love. I'm always open to welcoming new members to the world of Sanctuary.
can we get a tldr
For a large portion of Diablo's "hardcore" fanbase, they haven't received a proper Diablo title for 17 or 18 years.

If you are waiting for that long and THEN hear an announcement for a mobile Diablo game that looks very similar to D3... you are asking for pain.
We found our white knight, only read half of what you said and that's enough, still defending blizzard after pulling that stuff? Dude OPEN YOUR EYES and WAKE UP to reality, Blizzard = dead. The company is just some Activison money grab with blizz IPs at this point, if a MOBILE game coming from a PC gaming company doesn't convince ya then I'm guessing nothing will and you'll following them into the grave...so have fun doing that I guess

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