New patch and Torment 13

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
Won't all these set buffs completely ruin Torment 13?
No. Its all about plowing T13 as fast as possible by one shotting everything. That will still be the goal with the new patch except more builds will be viable for said plowing.
its on purpose

t13 being this easy means you cant see barb doing 1/10 of sorceress dps because everything is being one shoted anyway

its easy way how they balance classes : )
Why all the downvotes?
Its not changing the speed that T13's were cleared by the top specs. Only one ones that lagged behind can now clear it faster/better.
11/28/2018 04:47 AMPosted by Foensh
Why all the downvotes?

I didn't down vote you, but the question is a bit silly, because T13 has been ruined forever.
It's ridiculous that starting with a level 1 character with no gear and no paragons one can solo the end game difficulty in a 4 player game in 8 hours or less.

Seriously, if one has no interest in GR's -and there are many that don't- this game offers nothing in way of challenge or excitement. It becomes a boring full screen one shot killfest within hours, or a couple of days for a casual player.
Now we kill everything by accident...

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