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So apparently blizzard is trying something new, after trying to control public opinion by deleting comments and getting rid of dislikes.
I just read on pcgamer that theres a "rumor" D4 announcement was canceled at the last minute.
I wonder who published this "rumor" and why now?
How long will they think we're a bunch of naive idiots?
11/05/2018 09:06 PMPosted by Nitzanshy
I wonder who published this "rumor" and why now? How long will they think we're a bunch of naive idiots?

The "rumor" was published by a bunch of Diablo players that wanted a D4 announcement at Blizzcon
D4 anounced, but not really, again
Blizz have since rebutted the rumour, saying in a response that they didn't cancel anything and there were no other planned announcements.

Nice that we, here on the official Blizzard Diablo forums, have to learn these things second hand from comments posted to third party gaming websites.
blizzard craps the bed.
calls in journalism to lie about d4 announcement being cut to stop backlash.
then makes a statement about the journalists lying saying it was false.

Everyone thinks journalists are liars, same as before. But Blizzard has now taken "control" of the situation by calling out the "liars" (paid off journalists).

Win for Blizzard? Nope, just more under the table dealings.
So we now have official confirmation that they planned to bring everyone to Blizzcon and only tell us about D:I from the beginning.

As in this is Blizzard officially saying:
"Yes - we wanted exactly this to happen. Why are you so unhappy?
Do you not have phones?"
Not sure after they pretty much showed there true face to the world that a cover is going to help.

We speculated for years after activision bought them and witnessed the slow death of something great.

We are left with empty suits, ivory towers, presstitutes,and the poor guy trying to deflect on stage cause his job is pr and sucks at it. Arrogant phone rebutal,yeah well I come to a PC convention for PC games not mobile. I have a rather expensive computer for a reason to game with.

the whole phone crap social aspects ect connect on facebook twitter garbage and envy.You are not all these other companies you envy.
We Had a arrangment you make good games for us we give you money....
You let us down.and down over the years.

Hey look a Ferrari everyone can you a rusted truck.You have a lisence don't you..Does that sound like something they would do?

Or put in another way I go to a dealer ship to buy a mustange and you are like nope don't got those but can I entrest you in a peddle bike.I asked you for a mustang.You said you sold mustangs here.

(IE you wasted your customers most valued thing and that is there TIME)

Even from the initial release of d3 something was wrong.
Almost all of the statements they have made over the years has been a lie from not desighned for console in mind (beta test skill drop to 6-to better fit controllers) to the recent happy reaper mobile crap.

Good luck to those who like to waste there time on the new age to big to fails.
After fcked up at blizzcon they are making damage control and start throwing some rumors to people. We were planning announce d4 but something happened? What could it be except there is no content like that.

When they present d3 they had everything to ready to share. So if they had have already everything it's more unlikely to cancel announcing. I don't buy this lie.
I wouldn't be surprised if it's complete bs.
I'm sorry, diablo 4 has been announced, this is it, just read the new gamespot interview, moving forward, diablo immortal is our core pillar for diablo going forward.

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