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I liked the Diablo lore timeline as illustrated in the slides presented at the Day 2 panel of Blizzcon 2018.

It made me think. The DI timeline pretty much takes up all the space between D2 and D3, when you factor in DI progression. And DI is obviously canon (or else we'd have been told by now).

There is still lots of space on the timeline, at either end.

Given we have multiple projects and that Blizzard would be bonkers to overlap timelines with current projects, I'd gamble that:

(1) An unannounced project will be set after D3. This would have to be D4. I really do believe that normal/nightmare/hell/(when do we stop)/etc has been milked dry for D3. It would have to be D4 rather than an expansion or new (druid) class for D3.

(2) An unannounced project will be a prequel to D1. Given the mentions of the Sin War in the panel, the relaunch of Richard Knaak's books (lore wise a great read although I am not fussed with his writing style), I would have as a guess that this project revolves around the time of Lilith /Lucion/Uldyssian and the early days as covered in the books. It will lead up to Bul-Kathos, a useful story point for an expansion to this project.

I will call this project "Diablo Origins". The featuring of the Sin War in DI will help to encourage the takeup of DO, which will be all about the SW. The book trilogy lends itself to an open world sandbox interpretation. It will still be an action RPG with a very strong single player experience, which has always been the focus of the Diablo games, but with a fun multiplayer experience too.

The world of PC gaming has developed in leaps and bounds in recent years and games of quality such as RDR2 can present open world sandboxes, strong single player experience, strong linear storyline but an experience in the early part of the game that does not at all feel too gated and which actually allows for quests/missions within a "chapter" to often be completed in any order, as we happen to stumble across them. Making things feel less linear overall.

I don't expect a ton of voice acting nor lonely running through barren or empty lands. Not like RDR2. Diablo is all about non-stop action. We'll suspend disbelief, as we always do with Blizzard's games, when we wander into a new town and our stash is waiting for us, when NPCs advance the story with just a couple of quick mouse clicks of dialogue. And then back to the action. The world won't be as big as RDR2 or GTAV but it will be bigger than that of D2 or D3, in leaps and bounds. My wish for something along the lines of Skyrim in size.

This is purely my take: Who says that DO must be top down? A 3D world could still provide a genuine Diablo experience. Heck imagine not being able to see the mobs around a corner and having to distinguish them from their evil sound!

(Not at all hinting that D4 should be 3D. Leave me out of that debate thanks)

(3) A third project? Possibly. A free to play mobile companion app. Think like the WoW Apps but closer to the Fallout 4 App in that there is some game play. I suspect it will be to do with managing the crafting/socketing of gems which might be time gated. I would not expect missions with small rewards of currency/gems/runes/XP/reputation like in WoW. And the social aspect too. Chat integrating into the live game, at least for guild mates.

Blizzard aren't at all about in house mobile platform development but something like this would be possible in terms of Blizzard quality.

Curious to know what others think in terms of time line positioning, overall game type or genre.

We have had enough toxicity lately. None here please. Let's celebrate multiple Diablo projects!
(4) A Diablo 2 remaster. Not a "reforge" or "reimagining". A remaster. Reforging implies that in addition to the remaster, things will be "improved". Reimagining would go beyond that still.

I am ambivalent as to whether this is a current project or still on Blizzard's Classic Wishlist.

If it is happening now it would be a perfect vehicle with which to "test" community expectations and wishes as to how D4 will proceed. In this regard spell casting artwork. The very limited palette. The use of so few tools to convey dungeon atmosphere. Whether we truly want dark dungeon boss fights in D4 of a similar nature to Mephisto (please!). Whether we want a Diablo D2 style boss fight where the boss moves around a bit but the player is able to step away to safe areas without fear of resetting and the map is not a contrived symetrically geometric design. Community reaction to D2's permanent point allocation system. Community reaction to D2vD3 gear afixes. Community reaction to ...

As such, D2 Remastered would have to be released well before D4.

But the D2 Remaster might not happen for a while too. If it releases on or after D4 just imagine the toxic backlash within the community, D2 v D4. And the savage hit D3 on Switch would also receive.

I am leaning towards a D2R release, alongside an early sizzle reel promo for D4. THAT would get the community buzzing. Not necessarily in a positive way, but often times in a necessary way.

(5) Sadly (in my opinion) Blizzard have already said, in a Blizzcon streamed interview with Rhykker and Brandy, that more content is coming to D3. So I put it at the end of my list. Wish it would just go away. I liked D3, but enough is enough! C'mon Blizzard, focus on life after Diablo 3!

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