Would you pay to play a season?

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11/20/2018 01:15 PMPosted by Fusion

Paying per season I think is a great idea since you could maybe leave legacy free 2 play. Seasonal players would just get the new content ~4 months earlier.

See I'm not a fan of splitting the player base like that.

11/20/2018 01:15 PMPosted by Fusion

The reason I like this better than what you describe with PoE is personally I hate having exclusive content for people who have $$.

I don't consider anything cosmetic to be "exclusive content". I'd have a big problem if people were buying gear or xp boosts or something but cosmetics? Nah, no problem for me there. You consider the cosmetic stuff to be exclusive content though?
In order for me to part with any more money for Diablo 3 Blizzard needs to come up with something that would make it worth the investment. Grumbling and BS aside I'm worn out on D3. I've played in the last 6 or 7 seasons and frankly I'm burned out. I need new content besides the exact same boss fights and xp grind. Gods I've got at least 2 to 3 sets of wings that are literally identical in every way save colour.
11/20/2018 09:14 AMPosted by Fusion
11/20/2018 08:57 AMPosted by eMeRGeD
I think it is absolutely absurd to think I would have to PAY to play the game that I BOUGHT.. this isn't a WoW subscription. If they need more money than the gobs they made off the 10's of 100's of millions of copies they sold then do what every other game does and throw in some cosmetics for sale.

I absolutely hate that games nowadays require continuing payment just to play the actual game. It's a great model for them and I get why they do it, but I feel like it always turns into battlefield 1 where I can't play with my friends because someone doesn't want to spend $30 on 2 new maps and someone only wants to play those 2 new maps.

Maybe i'm just ignorant of game development, but all of this gaming as a service is a recent idea, it never used to be like this. I miss the days when games were released fully and you paid $60 one time and another $30 or $60 for however many expansions came after. If I wanted to spend $100's on something, it's definitely not going to be video games.. I already spend thousands on my pc. I'd rather go find a cheaper hobby at that point but hey, that's just me. Nothing wrong with those that are willing to pay, it's just not my thing.

Let me ask you this.

What is the difference to you in paying $40 for an expansion that adds X content to a game you love vs paying 4 installments of $10 for the same content just broken down into 4 minor updates?

I mean the obvious difference is broken down you get pay less but get less vs paying more and getting more but if you look at the time scale of a year you end up at the same point either way.

The thing is for big companies they need a constant inflow of money to gauge how much their time is worth actively developing it. It is almost always more beneficial to a big corporation to receive money on a monthly basis vs 1 lump sum as they can accrue interest on that money.

Very simple reason, a subscription you are handing out money on a regular schedule and hoping to get good content in return, the devs could do #%^ all for one mo. And your money is waisted.

With an expansion the content is created and the paying customer can decide if what they added is worth it.

Its the difference of encouraging developers to create better content consistently so people buy it. Instead of taking the money and not having to do anything with it.

An expansion runs late or is not well received they do not make money. taking a subscription they can be as late and uncreative as they choose.
We could have had:

- transmogs/cosmetics etc. in a shop
- more addons
- more class packages like Nekro
- a tournament selfplay ladder / server

Everything would have generated lots of money.

Just watch Warframe for example, they have so much cosmetic stuff and it pays their bills. Nothing wrong with cosmetics in a shop.

People didn`t play a Season and didn`t get those awesome wings ? - Put it on sale for 9.99$ for a very short time at christmas, for example.

There were so many ways to generate money to secure the development of future content.
So...Blizzard is dying because their game quality is going into the toilet. They are trying to nickel and dime everyone with microtransactions, and openly insulting their fans at conventions. Their customer base is very rapidly completely abandoning them. And your solution to this is...for people playing their games to give them MORE MONEY?

Are you insane? Mind = blown
Would never pay for a Season, and that's not just because I have only ever played Seasons to get a stash tab (which was annoying enough).

I will pay for
1. new characters
2. expansion

That's it.

I personally wouldn't endorse MTX for cosmetic stuff, but I guess that's tolerable. I still wouldn't like it. I feel like that sort of thing taints the Diablo brand.
I would look at and consider a selection of unique challenges. Not just a simple buff of double goblins or increased spawn rate. Alterations to monster or class mechanics. Matching positive and negative changes with it's own set of leaderboards away from standard season leaderboards.
The fact that the OP might be serious, scares me a little.
OP dislike added
I'm sick of game companies fleecing us for money. Make a good game, release the thing and we buy it and enjoy it. Is it really so hard for developers to stick to that formula now or is all they care about sucking investors dicks?
You are talking about f2p tactics in a b2p game.

This game was 60 bucks new, and so was the expansion. If they can't keep up a few servers for that amount of money, they need to fire their management, not extort their players.

Or you know, make it available off line as it's basically a single player game anyway. Then they can shut down their servers when needed and people would still be able to play the game they paid for. In that sense you could even plan a certain amount of seasons until the next expansion/game launch.

But again, only if you have capable management of course. Funny that those get all the money for failing while their developpers work their asses off for slave pay.

If I'd actually knew the developpers would get a better work place with proper pay I'd definitely be willing to fork over more cash, but right now everyone gets extorted: their playerbase, their own employees. While the devil itself walks away with all the money.

Hey, PR department. Taking good care of your employees is actual sellable reputation!! Doesn't that give you an idea, eh?

@question in the title
nope, I'm not giving Blizzard any more of my money anymore.
I created the same thread a couple months ago about Diablo 3 and Overwatch, and how the lack of constant revenue is stagnating the development of the game.

The result... 100+ dislikes on both threads...

Kids don't wanna pay up, cause they don't understand value, so don't feel too bad about the dislikes and hate, even tho you are 100% on the money, it is completely natural. :)
I already do. This internet connection costs me $80 a month. Hey is there anyway to play Diablo for something less like maybe 15% a month?
11/20/2018 04:55 AMPosted by Lighthammer
We got a lot of weird oddities on the financial sides of Blizzard recently.

One frustrating aspect about this game is there's no movement because there's no real money coming into the game.

I think it would be true for all of us if we sat back and said we don't want the Diablo Franchise to turn into this messy microtransaciton nightmare that Heroes of the Storm is or Overwatch is.

This brings up an interesting point: Would Blizzard make enough from Diablo 3 to keep the story and franchise going if they sold $4.99 season passes.

A season pass would have to do more then what each season does today.
- It would have to offer story evolution.
- Something that gets you to the end of the season with some bragging rights.
- More aggressive quality of life updates
- Class updates
- UI Updates

I think you should be able to continue to the season journey without paying up, but the paid version should offer some really good perks.

I don't know how much of a stretch this is, but it would even be nice to see a new character come out each season that you'd only get access to if you paid for but it would also give you free access to the season.

Before breaking into anything obtuse, the Druid, Assassin and Mage are still looking for some love along the Rogue, Warrior and Wizard. I personally would love to see a Priest and a Knight too without getting too far away from other well know classes.

Thoughts? (preparing for flames: dont know how good or bad this idea will be received)

are you high? i would expect to GET PAID to pay that cr**p of a game!

Kids don't wanna pay up cause they don't understand value

Adults like me understand the value of money and don't like feeding it to some corporate entity because apparently they can't survive off billions in revenue a year.
I wouldn't mind paying Blizzard for additional content.

But since current season are not content in my eyes, no, I will not pay for them.

It's just a reboot of your account every three months, for now.
Nope hardly play seasons as it is.
People already subscribe to several Twitch channels for $4.99 per month per channel and they're not getting a gaming experience out of it, only a watching and chatting experience.

To survive and be competitive with the p2w games I believe pc games have to go towards a subscription based model but then regular support and updates as well as content has to be provided.

After all Twitch content creators always give us something new as well and not just on Twitch but also on YouTube and so on.

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