When will PTR be down today?

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
Any news or info on when exactly PTR will be down, and when changes, if any, will be announced?
If no news is good news, Blizzard is doing great!
I guess it did go down. Got code 33 error about server maintenance and was thrown out.
but, it's patch... or close...

with a few bugs and balance not good... i hope a patch
they said it lasted 1 week. that week is over now. so I guess its the end with this ptr.
Here's hoping there will another PTR with tweaked numbers. I had a blast testing various things and I was just in the middle of testing some M6 Chakram variations.
Ummm, I'm in the PTR right now...
6pm pacific it goes down and done, that's all, the end, over, etc....

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