Edit: I canceled my WOW abo in this second..

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11/05/2018 10:29 AMPosted by Alcovitch
11/03/2018 03:56 PMPosted by CroDanZ
...dont support this company anymore after the announcement of the mobile cash grab app, called "Diablo: immortal".

And I'm a fanboy since Silicon & Synapse....never missed a game from this company, bought even all Hearthstone starter packs only to support them.

Hope most of the people do the same....so Activision (no Blizzard here anymore) think twice next time before announce BS like Diablo Immortal.

And many people in my FL think exactly the same.....maybe its only a drop from our side, but maybe it will become a rain soon if many do the same.

RIP Blizzard: 2/8/1991 - 2/11/2018

Press "F" if you will do the same.


SS or it didn't happen.


Its on german but it should look on every language the same.

It expires end of the month bcs sadly payed for this month. ;)
its sad day for diablo fans all overworld
i feel for all people who pay and work all summer to get to blizzcon
and what the found was a cash grab mobile game
blizzard have lost touch with fans and reality
Companies suck. You can’t have brand loyalty anymore. Thy will all get too big and crap on the fans that got them there.
same here
played many games from the beginning always supported it,even through WoD
but BfA and now this?
what the fck?
No king rules forever
11/05/2018 11:11 AMPosted by qpmomma
Companies suck. You can’t have brand loyalty anymore. Thy will all get too big and crap on the fans that got them there.

And Wyatt Chang rly hope that the Core Gamer will buy & play this? ^^

This guy is more faar from reality than Trump.
Lol by far the most downvotes I ever seen on my side
Playing D3 hard to use there server for free. Un-Subbed from wow and wont give another dime until this is fixed.
11/05/2018 02:07 PMPosted by Lexington
Lol by far the most downvotes I ever seen on my side

What did u say to get downvoted? ^^
Too bad they do t have a feedback box. I would have filled it up.

With F
11/03/2018 03:58 PMPosted by BaldursGate
The world is moving forward and always changes. Mobile is the way of the future and in a generation most people would've grown up with phones.

I bet people in 1910 hated the locomotive and automobile because it was change. Good thing they didn't get their wish of not changing otherwise we'd only have horse and carriage for transportation.

If people in 3rd world had good gaming PC in their home they would on them not little mobile crap graphics phone. You logic is flawed. Gaming PC's are mass superior to a mobile phone in ALL WAYS.
Stopped playing WoW with legion so i have nothing to cancel unfortunately, instead im playing FFXIV and ESO
Uninstalled all blizz games: I am done with them, this isn't the blizzard I once knew so I refuse to support them no longer. From pillar of the industry to just another EA clone. It's all so depressing. :(
11/05/2018 07:26 AMPosted by Hehmilton
I just submitted a ticket requesting a refund for my BfA purchase, since I logged less than 2 hours in it and almost immediately cancelled my sub.

I explained in the ticket that while I don't necessarily expect the refund to be given, players have no other means of "voting with their wallet", since Blizz didn't announce any new games with the exception of D:I and Warcraft 3:Reforged (which I would really love to play), which is slated for release "before Dec. 31, 2019".

Bringing Diablo to mobile is fine. Teasing Diablo announcements for Blizzcon, then announcing this is not okay at all.

Sure, they tried to temper expectations. I would assume most players expected a new D3 class or expansion as the "other" in the statement "some may take longer than others"...and so far Blizz has been completely tone-def in their responses.
Hey, you look familiar...
Cancelled both WoW accounts (one was timer expired anyways)....

And uninstalled 4 Blizz games.... may order Warcraft 3 - but at this point unlikely...

If Wyatt says “For those who are hoping for something a bit different, I can say that the future of Diablo is burning bright.” - you better wisen up and start sharing that info NOW, before your fanbase dilutes entirely - at least the Diablo Fanbase....but then maybe you don't care about that... we know Mike.M don't! lol

i hadn't played WoW in a few months but still had a sub going in case i decided to go back. cancelled that !@#$ yesterday and uninstalled everything blizzard. they won't listen to their fans maybe they'll listen to that stock drop of 6.8% and dropping...
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I haven't posted much or in a looooong time, but just stopped by to say that I've uninstalled every Blizzard game I had, WoW (I cancelled it last month anyway), D3, Overwatch and Starcraft 2. All uninstalled, with no plan to purchase any Blizzard product from here on out.
Unsubbed from WoW(it became p2w eitherway - just go buy a boost, progression means nothing if people can freely buy boosts to 8/8m with gold at ease, you have to waste insane amount of time nowadays to figure out if person you invited good or bad, you can't just tell anymore), will not get a penny from me again.

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