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Sounds reasonable to me.
I still play with my friends. You're welcome to do what you want, but I'm going to keep playing with them. None of us will be getting Immortal, but that doesn't change my feelings on D3
Screw it. I'm game.
I just want Alpha Immortal and jokes on you, no one really plays D3 to begin with.
I have a friend that bought BO4 and he whispered me "dead game" while I was playing. QQ. Please add Seasonal top 1k to profile hero <3.
I'm just at this moment reinstalling it to paticipate.
Greets from Germany.
This doesn't accomplish anything.

You really think things are going to be all better if they show us what they're working on? You really think what they're working on is going to make this any better? If anything, the fact they thought this was a good idea period tells me we're going to get more of the same from this company. Nothing will force a change in their ethics or development philosophies outside of hurting their pocketbook.

No, if you want to get them to sit up and notice, pay attention to their stock prices. Their investors are already shaken, and actiblizz is in panic mode. Direct your attention toward making their stock toxic to investors. A mass dumping of actiblizz stock will force the mea culpa that is so desperately needed with this company right now.
I will do it but only if we get other major content creators onboard, otherwise it will just flop.

I mean i dont play D3 muchatm, im baord of the end game.. I come on every season the jounrey ..stick aroudn for a bit ..then eventualy trail of.. and thats where i am now.. but even so ...only if other content creators follow.
11/08/2018 12:24 PMPosted by NopSlide
I'll do it, i'm just going to uninstall all blizzard games and the battlenet launcher as well.

I’m in as well. What they are churning out these days will not be missed one bit. I’m listening ....
I will think about it. I think we will just made the server less energyhungry... if we would all uninstall and then reinstall (and uninstall and reinstall) we could make us known. server would get a good load and the energy bill would get up :D
I already uninstalled the Battlenet launcher as I refuse to play any more Blizz games, but heck why not install and uninstall again.
I had it installed a few days ago, but haven't really played anyway. So uninstalling on 11-11. Let's do this.
11/08/2018 12:21 PMPosted by MylilPwny
Pfff, this is not helping. Blizzard finally listening, stock being down, the faceplanted at their own convention. Instead of organizing mass uninstalling, wont bring you anything that you dont already got? The idea with all this negativity is to make it known that you dont like the direction things are moving. You have got to the part where you negotiate! We got their attention, now use it! Give your arguments, stay wary and hold their feet to the fire. Just don't go overboard for the sake of going overboard.

Common sense an angry mob do not compute... Like we see in the streets of many American cities on a daily basis, people just want an excuse to riot.. You made a perfec point, and were downvoted by ignorance..

i doubt they realize (the players) they are now losing support.. From players..

A person is smart, and concise.. People are emotional, and irrational.
I just have to remember to do it. I haven't uninstalled anything yet and as much as I like D3, after this announcement, I lost any interest in the game that I've had recently. Started PoE with the little time i have between my job and kid.
Do we actually know that Blizzard even tracks whether we have their games installed or not?

I mean they sure track log ins and play time, but the deinstallation? Would be a weird move to track that.
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So why does he say to uninstall D3 but not his D2 as well?
And Blizzard says, "Hey look guys, they don't like D3. They must not like ARPG's. Time to make Diablo a battle royal!"
I am in
Oops. I got excited and uninstalled the day after Blizzcon.

To whoever above groaned that 'this isn't helping', I guarantee you they keep tabs on how many users have their app installed.

I hope it's enough that they'll notice/make some changes.


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