Purple item I can't pick up

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lately every time I finish a bonus on an act an item drops that is purple and glows up in purple almost like a legendary item drop. but when I run over to it says " you can't carry you must lesson your burden." I have tried many times to pick it up even going so far as storing everything else in my chest but still can't. does anyone know what this item is ?
its blood shards.
for some reason on console, if you attempt to pick up more than you can carry, it won't let you pick up the shards at all. TP out, go to kadala, cash in some shards, then go back and pick the rest of em up.
thank you
Playing on a PC , the game won't let me pickup the blood shards. Say's I don' have enough space. I have plenty of space so game should let me pick them up?
This is a console forum. Go ask in the General Forum area for PC assistance.

You need to spend blood shards at Kadala to pick up more.

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