Thinking about a small re-entry into the fray

It's been probably about a year since I last was here and started up the game.

Missed the whole Blizzcon debacle and was about to put up a post in General that I would check back in another year to see if things have changed. I was however thinking about giving Hardcore a try and I noticed one thing of interest in the PTR namely the fact that in season you don't need a RoRG but still get the effect of one.

This might open up builds with combination sets that were previously impossible so I'm interested somewhat again.

I noticed however a distinct lack of theory crafters that used to hang around here. Any one of the old guard still around as I suck at thinking up builds (I'll hope over to icy veins or diablofans otherwise, but though might check here first).
if you don't use it, you lose it
It's because a majority of the theory crafters left. I'm just waiting for the D2 Ladder to restart on the 7th. I might turn on the game tonight and play D3 while I wait and play with some stuff.
The real problem is you can't get a good 6/4 running on a wiz. The set pieces are all the same with the exception of Tal. So what you end up with players looking to add the best "extra" item to a build and running with that.

Not very game breaking. I'll probably play around with it when the season 16 begins. I think it can make a difference to T13 speed clears, and we could see some fun combinations that wouldn't clear before. Certainly, collecting db will never be easier.

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