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Nice Legacy LoN rings. They have a completely different purpose now.
Just two tips.
If you have unlocked adventure mode by completing the campaign on Shiva do not rebirth her to play season. Create a new wizard for that. This is because season characters and non season characters are considered separate from that point of view. (You would return at end of season to a locked adventure mode until you redid the campaign.)
As soon as you get Kanaii's cube I would spend some time looking up any legendary items you have stored or equipped as some of the affixes have changed completely. Also some will now have an affix that didn't before. It helps to know this before you decide whether to salvage or not.
I had the issue of legacy gear when I picked up these characters again. Some old legendary items you can extract the power from but if it previously didn't have an added power at all, it won't. (I did this with a Yang's bow for instance. The original didn't have the % damage but it did let me extract it to the cube.)
Even yesterday I discovered a socketless Leoric's crown with no power, equipped on one of my unloved toons. Felt bad.
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Tal rasha meteors is powerful, but I really dislike the tedium of manually casting 4 different elements.

To get 4 stacks you need to cast all different elements but to maintain the stacks you only need to alternate only 2 elements. Makes the channeled meteors build rather easy to play.

You also don't have to hit anything.
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I had quite playing shortly after the patch that removed critical mass, tried playing again past few days can't find any builds that I can run torment on.

So I guess I'll be quitting again soon, no point in playing if I'm never going to get unique drops.

If anyone knows of any builds that won't get a wizard 1 hit and still do decent damage let me know.

I was in a similar situation as you. Played CM wiz a lot an then after that patch felt like I was left with nothing. Long story short - if you loved CM wiz gameplay and want something similar, very tanky and capable of easily doing Torment13 and much higher difficulty content, then there is actually a build. The set is Delsere Magnum Opus and it uses Spectral Blade and Arcane Orbit skill. Its a good build and reminds me of the old CM WW wiz.
If you have some trouble finding the pieces add me MrMakarov#1779 I´ll help you get the gear.
I got the rimeheart sword to drop and a few vitality items, completely changed my situation able to run t5 rifts now.

My problem was my toon was set up for all dmg and nothing else since perma freeze and prisim skin kept me alive....

Thank you all for the advice just had to cheese meteor shower and def passive and buffs, at least since my critical chance was so high along with the 30ap from the chan set/stormcrow items was free to spam...
Although not strictly what the OP was asking, AP and AP consumption/regen rates were all balanced around the old APOC amounts. However, when APOC got nerfed to hell, AP consumption/regen rates were untouched. It's left the whole class in a precarious position of needing very specific kinds of builds and legendary powers to be competitive. I don't think anyone would claim that's a good thing.

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