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Diablo 1 the true legacy, a masterpiece of form and function.

There is a community revolving around Diablo 1 and the mods that work for it. There has also been a custom gateway made for battle net now that the official diablo 1 battle net gateways are down. Multi-player can also be achieved using various VPN programs such as "evolve, hamachi, etc.)

Mods I know of that may be considered relevant in 2018 (sorry if I left some good ones out)

1)The Crucible [formerly salt-mod] (vanilla Diablo 1 with a huge challenge increase)
2)The Hell & The Hell 2 (more specifically) by MORDOR (large overhaul, quality of life features, many sub-classes, game modes at character creation (normal, hardcore, iron man, nightmare)
3)Belzebub & techernobog (Single player & multi-player mods respectfully made by the same team) These mods add interesting features such as Diablo 2 style merchant windows & the single player version (Belzebub) has many "new" quests in it, fun experience.
4)INFERNITY (An almost vanilla-like mod with quality of life features & a 4th diffculty where items can drop with 3 attribute words rather than 2)
5)Diablo HELLFIRE ENHANCED by MORDOR (A more vanilla like HELLFIRE experience with lots of bug & error fixes)

These are the current mods I have been playing around with.

The point of this post is to show people the diablo 1 community & to encourage Blizzard to continue supporting Diablo 1 & not forget their legacy.

ANOTHER MOD TO NOTICE - For Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction is - MEDIAN XL (fantastic and bizarre huge overhaul mod that changes many many things)

What the community would like from Blizzard.
1) Support for Diablo 1
2) Remasters or new expansions or remakes of Diablo 1 & Diablo 2

There are multiple diablo discord servers, you can find the "D1 Legit" discord from the tristr.am web-site (a leader board web-site for Diablo 1 mainly)

You can also find information by talking to the diablo 1 community on twitch.tv live streams, follow the game "diablo" for easy access.
Diablo forums: the place where Blizzard employers dont thread.

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