Do you still care about Diablo 4?

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I mean, can modern Blizzard still produce quality games?

I think that's my biggest issue with Diablo Immortal. It was the final straw... "proof" that my once-loved Blizzard North now only makes simplified casual games, and that their "remasters" are all I have to look forward to from them in the future (Wow Classic / WarCraft 3: Reforged).

Simply "announcing" Diablo 4 isn't enough anymore. At Blizzcon, I needed to be convinced that Blizzard hadn't lost its soul. Instead, they proved the exact opposite.

I'm sure they'll announce Diablo 4 eventually. But I have zero faith in their ability to deliver what their core audience truly wants.
Diablo 3 made me lose faith.

Diablo immortal told me that blizzard actively hates the diablo fan base and is willing to discard them for mobile gamers who will spend an arm and a leg on micro transactions.

Diablo 4 if ever released will be actual gutter oil.
Diablo 3 failed. I for a difference enjoyed the release version more than the later "easy loot" versions. I liked trading, the thrill of finding and selling items for dollars was fun if you ask me...

But Diablo 2 is still where its at if you ask me. I have zero faith in them being able to deliver that, since they do no longer have the same passion for the lore and soul of diablo games. Its all about flash and cash.

But all this doesnt matter. Diablo 4 is not in the making, it is too much of a money pit at this point in time, too many relevant competitive titles are out or about to be out. And to put it frankly, a guy buying one game title + an expansion - without MTX or subs, is not worth blizzards time.

I have a hard time believing that they will do anything diablo, that will make diablo 1,2 and 3 fans really excited. They will perhaps try some MMO or MOBA, but from here on out, they will be looking towards sub/MTX solutions.
I don't understand how people can be expecting D4 lol
They still have crucial job postings for their projects... to expect something while they're still hiring people for this game just tells you that the possibility there, is that it's not that far into development... Come on, look at the bigger picture here... getting really tired of these posts
If it's good. I'll care. If it isn't. I wont.

I truly hope for Diablo 4 to be a return to, Dark, Gothic, Bloody, PVP, Trading, Hardcore, and character build depth. Online join-able games and ladders. Currency of some kind would be nice as well. All of these things are nearly impossible to do on a phone game, I really don't like playing long on my phone.
Like, all they have to do is expand itemization to like D2 had. Affixes up the wazzoo. Why is this so hard?
They have no more passion and i have no more desire to wait, until they have mercy on me and finally publish a great game again.
Faith is gone.
How can I put this....

I feel discarded. I accepted this is a Chinese market franchise now, and I want to move on.
11/04/2018 05:17 PMPosted by Elisya
They have no more passion and i have no more desire to wait, until they have mercy on me and finally publish a great game again.
Faith is gone.

Pretty much this. I have come to terms that Blizzard is only Blizzard in name only now. It might as well be EA. It's entirely new people with a new agenda owned by a corporate crap company. It's no better than the rest of these AAA cash cows.
D3 shattered my high esteem of the Blizzard franchise. Diablo Immoral was a betrayal --- a stab to loyal fans.

If you want to expand, cool, but don't expand at the expense of your existing fans...

Let's bring Consoles here for a moment. Imagine a popular RPG, FPS or whatever genre. Imagine if that game ONLY released their games on Playstation. Then, all of a sudden, their next game goes on XBone only.

Their PR BS that they are expanding their market is complete BS. If you want to expand, you don't leave your existing fans hanging. If you want to expand to Xbox, you release your game on both platform.

Their PR BS is just there to cover the fact that they sold themselves out.
Diablo 4, exclusively for Apple Watch and Android Wear devices! lol
inb4 "We've heard your cries and have rectified it. I'm here to announce that DI will be ported to Nintendo Switch!"
11/04/2018 04:57 PMPosted by Karma
Diablo 3 failed.

I have a stupid question. How can the 12th best selling video game of all time be considered a failure? Of the hundreds of thousands of video games released, it was the 12th best selling. Of all time. I have heard this argument before, but nobody has ever answered me. I am curious to understand this logic.
Yes, I do very much.

They should stop bs’ing though
11/04/2018 05:24 PMPosted by elizajanegrl
11/04/2018 04:57 PMPosted by Karma
Diablo 3 failed.

I have a stupid question. How can the 12th best selling video game of all time be considered a failure?

Sure. So it sold based on D2's success and fun. Then everyone left D3 cause it sucked. Clear?
I doubt Blizzard can pull it off.
I think Blizzard can iterate on it's own IP, somewhat. D:I opens the door to the question as to how successful they are still. At this point they appear to lack true forward thinking & creative vision. Right now these folks look like an old 80's rock band living off their greatest hits, while struggling to find a new sound/voice for the future.

D:I is set between D2 & D3 (why? Because Bliz doesn't have a clue where Diablo should go after D3?)

WOW Currently seems to be floundering a bit with BFA, especially after a great Legion xpac - which for me, I put right after WoTLK.

But WOW Classic (WOW, remastered/reforged) is due summer of 2019

Starcraft 2 appears to be in total maintenance mode.

And you have a Starcraft and a WC3 remaster done and on the books for 2019.

As of right now D:I I think will make them some mobile gaming cash (short term thinking), along with some nostalgia "reforging" with the hope that somehow they can find their voice and make more relevant "stuff" to draw us back in.

...just my opinion. :)
D4 or D0 whatever it is, will come when it comes.

Next up: Diablo Immortal -- paaaartaayyy!

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