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It is possible that Blizzard fell victim to the Prime Evils? Think about it.

Diablo, Lord of Terror. Well, after the announcement, we are all terrified for the future of Diablo, the franchise.

Mephisto, Lord of Hatred. Well, after the announcement, there sure is a lot of hatred for Blizzard.

Baal, Lord of Destruction. Well, after the announcement, this could very well be Blizzard's destruction.

Did a Dark Wanderer infiltrate Actiblizzard, and now we are paying for it? Or not paying for it...unless you're Chinese.

If this is the case, is it really Blizzard's fault that they've fallen so far?

Any viability to this theory? What do you all think
this is precisely the message people n33d to hear /
You forgot Microtransactus, Lord of Micro-transactions.
11/16/2018 05:38 PMPosted by Deralic
You forgot Microtransactus, Lord of Micro-transactions.

Definitely sounds like one of the Lesser Evils. Still a very powerful one nonetheless
Kotick IS Diablo, considering how he has been terrorising gamers.

Baal is running corporate communications, telling all of you they hear you. The Lord of Lies hasn't been up to mark lately.

Greed who is running corporate accounts has sent her goblins over to Netease for ideas.

Azmodan can't be bothered with small time peasant gamers, so he's hanging out at the cafe with Mephisto learning Mandarin.
Let's do a Blizzard run, let me summon a bunch of skeletons and a fire golem and get ready to be there.

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