PTR Feedback 2.6.4
So are we not gonna talk about Spirit barrage stealth nerf?

As of this ptr patch SB is not considered a Pet anymore so no Mask of jeram (200%) and no Enforcer (60%) both multiplier. Meaning the x5 LON buff makes 0 difference for Spirit barrage WD.
Are you really sure? In european forum was a testing reported. They said that Mask of Jeram and enforcer still works.
Hi! EU player here.
I did some runs on the PTR on GR80 with and without the above mentioned items, and I can honestly tell you that there was a huge difference in between. Without MoJ and Enforcer, it felt like I would be on live (which is exactly what the OP described: 0 difference, his math is flawless).
I'm para 850 on live seasonal, and 1000 on the PTR, so without speaking of a huge paragon gap, I cleared a +6 higher (91) GR on the PTR. I feel that 94-5-6 would doable with some fishing and more augments.
It is defo a huge buff, which I am happy with, but still don't like the idea of using BoT in Kanai's... it just feels wrong in the overall picture of the build (like SLW, but I know it isn't a content patch so I stop here with item feedback).
Survivability was bad, no surprise...
Maybe in the next patch we'll get a proper belt and pants, and some reduction.

Edit: A change in the Zunni 6p bonus description to exclude SB from the affected kind of pets would be appreciated... it would make the SB mechanics look more intended and official than its current state of an "allowed bug".

And some questions for those who have more insight or made more testing:
- Does AD work properly now?
- Is the spirit walk bug fixed?
Thx in advance
There is a GR 120 on PTR with LoN Spirit Barrage and he used MoJ and Enforcer. He was 4600 paragon though so that may have influenced things.
I am 6200 paragon and i tested this on 4 man on both 135 and 140s for a while. I took out both 200% (MoJ) and 60% (Enforcer) multiplier and with this reduction in damage 140GR is not even possible but to my expectation i saw almost no change in damage. I will do more testing with a recorded game and frame by frame just to be absolute. But with the size of these multipliers i am quite certain it is not was it as before otherwise Lon buff x5 would have made SB WD a competitor for the trash clear in the upcoming season.
Isn't easier to just test on a character without any gear or paragon and look at the number?
11/25/2018 03:40 PMPosted by Kani
Isn't easier to just test on a character without any gear or paragon and look at the number?

After some testing i can confirm MAsk of jeram and enforcer both apply the multipliers.
So wd can trashclear ?!
11/26/2018 12:12 AMPosted by Mayhem
So wd can trashclear ?!

Yes, Bat WD.

I ve tested too, but theres no way to reach the Numbers of AD by Bats, and far behind Meteor Mage with SB.

I can confirm too that MoJ and Enforcer working as Multiplier.

Bat WD is good Trashkiller but its too laggy. Last Season we started with WD and 11 hours later with P650 we reach GR100 only behind 1 other Mage Group. Thats not bad...

My Test Results from SB:
DMG Phantasma without Buffs: 133
With enforcer 137 (56,1%) : 213
With Jerams Maske: 376
With both: 587
I know it isn't a content patch, but I just can't release the fact that we don't have a proper legendary power to take into Kanai's armor slot.
I don't see why we couldn't use TnT. 50% buff is not much but maybe enough to make the group potential more considerable.

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