If only minor changes come to D3, what would you want?

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More character slots and stash space.
Please add in Urshi not spawning if GR isn't cleared in 15 minutes.
I want the game to be more enjoyable as a speedrunning game. Playing at higher difficulties would make the speedrunning more enjoyable, but the drop rates are terrible for the first like 30 levels. But you can't just have a ton of legendaries dropping in the first 30 levels even if playing at high difficulty. So some changes would be needed.

1. Increase drop rates of all items below level 30. (This was reduced to the point of progression breaking for high level difficulties when the patch to remove clutter of white/grey drops was introduced.)
2. Remove upgrade to level 70 recipe for legendaries.
3. Don't allow the cube to automatically learn the legendary if it's low level. Have there be a chance, or let it learn only for level 50+ legendaries.
4. Have a speedrun ladder and league that prevents characters under 60 from using recipes or bank from other characters. (pretty big change, not necessary, but would show Blizzard really wants to do something for a part of the community.)

Maybe achievements if it seems lots of players are trying low level high difficulty speed run leagues.
Let legendary gems and set items bonus or legendary powers from items work on followers.
Just 2 minor changes.

No paragon swapping during Grifts.

A recipe to craft DB's.

Honorable Mention: All jewelry rolls sockets regardless.
A minor change that I would like to see is the item/ability descriptions actually explain what the items/abilities do.

-- or the stats; Life on Hit, for example. It doesn't behave anything like the term implies.

The % chance things are always waaaaaay off. You'd only be able to make a build based on the given information if you were absurdly obsessed with the game enough to have committed to memory the real descriptions of the effects.

I'm glaring very hard at the Archon Wizard build. Why does it vaporize everything about once every five seconds (on the average, of course), but do no damage for the rest of the time? No part of any item explains that.
- LoN
- unused gems
- unused items
- unused skills
10/12/2018 02:45 PMPosted by Battledude
1. Increase drop rates of all items below level 30. (This was reduced to the point of progression breaking for high level difficulties when the patch to remove clutter of white/grey drops was introduced.)

**** is that annoying as hell. You practically HAVE to game the loot system to gear up at the start of every season, because almost nothing ever drops. Elite and champion packs routinely drop nothing at all.

*You have grown more powerful!*
"The hell I did!"
10/11/2018 09:54 PMPosted by Blashyrkh
Lock UI elements during combat. I'm sick and tired of accidentally clicking that awful chatbox, the stupid community/friends button or my pets/follower while trying to aim at something at range.


And an option to "lock cursor to window" for windowed mode. I need to keep an eye on something else while playing Diablo.
Some item related changes I'd like to see:

* Make Haunt of Vaxo synergize with Unity and Arcstone rings.
So whenever I have shadow clones out, Unity will share incurred damage between three targets and Arcstone will cause arcs between shadow clones. This way Hellfire Amulet and Traveler's Pledge will have another competent rival. Parthan Defenders bracers and Wyrdward ring can be more valuable items with that change too.

* Give "Reduced Critical hit Chance -5%" on Band of Hollow Whispers as a fixated affix to make it synergize with BP.
When paired up with Broken Promises it won't crit and ruin the non-crit streak allowing BP to chain the buff by haunting multiple enemies. This way it will open up the way for general use, upon rerolling such affix away it'd be useful again for Followers.

* Add "Blocking an attack forwards any time dependent charge by 3 seconds" to Lidless Wall as a legendary power.
Upon a successful block, this thing will save us from waiting several seconds so we can one-hit monsters (Lord Greenstone's) or deploy our skills like Dashing Strike, Overpower or Sentry. This ability can be a life-saver and won't break the combat flow.

* Tweak LoN abit so it grants extra damage bonus for Primal items such as "105% damage and 4% damage reduction for every Primal you have equipped" or keep the damage bonus but boost damage mitigation such as "100% damage and 5% damage reduction for every Primal you have equipped."
LoN is already a hard to gather build, it wouldn't annoy anyone if it offers slightly more power than it is.

* Add legendary powers to the Tyrael's Might and Mempo of Twilight? May be?
In game Customized cursor options.
Something that should of been done years ago, fix Rend on the Wastes set so it actually does proper damage.

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