Maybe You Hear Us, But Are You Listening?

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Now seems like a good (or terrible) time to throw out opinions. So here's a few of mine.

Firstly. I'm not interested in platitudes. "We Hear You" is a sentiment that's been fed every time an issue of communication has been raised since the D3 beta.

Maybe this kind of communication was the standard back in 2012, but with the connectivity that even our mobile devices can afford, many other community teams for other games communicate quickly, efficiently, and often. You're no longer behind the curve with just ARPGs, but communication as well. I don't even know what the issue may be other than straight confidentiality or neglect. Maybe you don't have enough community team members or maybe you just don't have the necessary autonomy. Either way; your communication actually needs work.

This kind of goes hand in hand with communication. But if you're not actually going to listen to anyone providing constructive criticism, like with set meta, primals, class development, endgame stagnation, and content droughts; you're going to be asking us "Do you guys not have phones" when your tone-deafness begins to show and fans start slinging vitriol.

I've seen a few threads where it looked like feedback might get some back and forth -- but then communication ceases suddenly, and then development goes the opposite way entirely. Had you at least stayed in the conversation and explained how or why the flip; less animosity would have been generated.

I think you have a bigger issue lurking around now. Its probably good you have multiple Diablo projects in the works because at the moment, I feel like you have multiple expectations to fulfill.

It seems like for years, the Diablo team has been putting off content or mismanaging releases to the point where every facet of the community is expecting their own version of something. Like as though you haven't done your homework assignments and now everything is due on Monday. Last Monday. D2 Remaster? D3 Expansion? D3 Character pack? Significant D3 Season changes? D3 content patches? Diablo 4?

It's definitely time to stop managing expectations and start delivering on them.

Mobile Games
In the West (where your base audience is), mobile games are associated with predatory monetization practices, poor quality, or the abandonment of a franchise's future. None of these are good, but all are widely and throughly known. To be surprised by the community reaction to a Diablo mobile is literally unbelievable.

That said, I don't personally have an issue with mobile games; if they avert the previously mentioned associations. But most of the time, they just end up hurting my neck if I play even a fair amount. D:I might even be great, but its probably not for me -- and the way it was presented, and with nothing else to supplement it, was a mishandling in the extreme.

Consistent Content
Between D3's issues and content droughts it's been quickly outpaced by games like Path of Exile. Don't like the comparison? Fair enough. D3 has also been outpaced in terms of fixes and content by Blizzard's other IPs. Consider that Heroes of the Storm has released more consistent Diablo related content in it's game than Diablo has in the last year.

This is part of the reason some people are upset; as a Diablo fan, I'm not going to buy that you love Diablo when HotS is the one giving me Diablo content. If you're working on a D4, prepare to commit to a consistent content schedule for an adaptive and diverse experience often. If you can't maintain pace with your main competitor, let alone another one of your own IPs; don't bother.

Diablo IV
D3 released with many issues and a LOT of cut content. For crying out loud, we still don't even have Sapphires. D3 was also criticized for balancing around the RMAH, lack of customization, and a tonal shift that seemed to punish fans that enjoyed the previous entries. I like to think RoS and RotN helped bring some of those things closer in line to player expectations, but by then -- D3 had already fallen behind the appeal curve.

I don't want to see Diablo IV repeat these mistakes. There are things that D2 does better than D3 and PoE, and there are things D3 does better than D2 and PoE. But PoE does a lot of things better than D2 and D3. A thorough study of successful systems is required from previous entries and competitors.

Personally, I want D4 to be what I expected of D3 -- which was D2 but better in every form. More classes, more skills, more character investment, more gems, more socketables, more darkness, more horror, more difficulty, more more more. I don't need the NPCs to make off the cuff jokes or make light of "dire" situations. And I certainly don't want any of the villains monologue-ing me to death.

D3 was like a tepid "5". If you want D4 to be successful; dial it up to 11 and go for the throat. Scare the 'M' rating and don't back down.

Hopefully you really are hearing and listening to us and taking some things to heart because I don't care to see Diablo go the way of Command & Conquer.
We hear you is just corporate speak. They do not care. Diablo has already gone the way of Command & Conquer. The new mobile game is great! It's not Blizzard's fault! It's the playerbase's fault for not wanting to play on a phone. Everyone should want to play on a phone!

(That is sarcasm btw, just in case someone has a broken sarcasm detector.)
*Tsk tsk tsk... I guess Diablo Immoral wasn't the brightest idea after all. What is 300 million in your pocket when you just lost over 3 billion in stocks. Ouch. Blizzard decided to let loose at Blizzcon with one of the most vile, scheming, money grabbing historical fails of all time and they got what they deserved with more to come probably. So what do they do? They decide to send their best devs over to mobile for future releases anyways. This is what happens when you turn against your core fans who have basically made your company what it is over the past 20+ years. Karma is a beautiful thing. Speak with your wallets people and let Blizzard and any other gaming company know we are tired of the scams, micro transactions, and continual betrayal against the hands that feed.*
11/08/2018 11:20 PMPosted by Stormspark
We hear you is just corporate speak.

To a degree, I agree. While I'm not expecting an apology (still seems too forward to 'demand' one), an apology would have gone more miles than "We hear you".

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