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I will play the next season if it has wings. Tired of those reskin pet.
It's going to be a pet calendar that is set to April 1st.
I'll play s16, with enthusiasm.
11/18/2018 07:17 PMPosted by Ryoka
I'll play s16, with enthusiasm.

I'm pretty sure you're not talking about D3.
You guys honestly play a season for a lousy set of wings and/or a pet? How about new content that is actually meaningful or a major balancing patch instead?!
11/05/2018 12:27 PMPosted by Gimpy
I think the upcoming season should be Season 16: Season of Sorry! Triple bounty mats, triple goblins and increased legendary drop rates. What do you guys think it should be?

Yeah..........how about some actual new content?
Well. We get a PTR for Season 16 and it was said to have a theme that influences the way you play it. It sounds interesting.

Source: https://youtu.be/kzfjoXQECKE?t=7088

Of course the myths of new sets for every char or a new class wont be a real thing.
What we get is not an excuse for the Diablo killer (immortal), but something close to an excuse.
There will be a new patch, that is going to change some things.
Before I make a decision for D3, I will wait for that PTR and try it out.
Immortal is not interesting. I don't have hate either.
Waiting for what's to come is interesting and kinda keeps me there.
POE was not as amusing to me, like D3 was and maybe I only play until Para 850 through slow lvling, but that is my way of playing.
Then I pause the game for 4 weeks and wait for the next season.
The cycle never ends for me and I don't want it to end.
11/13/2018 01:08 PMPosted by THEoverminD
Season 16 should be 'no six piece bonuses' that will at least make everyone get creative again instead of being told what the meta is

They should remove the god damn damage modifiers on sets and other items (that has become mandatory for builds to actually work), as it stands now they limited the build diversity by adding ridicoulus numbers to this, the unique effects beside that is nice as they can change up how you play. But blizzard and their lazy asses of just adding damage multipliers to everything to the moon and back have !@#$ed this game over since the first expansion - they %^-*ed the "vanilla" game over damage wise with that one....

If they wanna stay lazy make LoN actually viable again, and possibly give it an additional bonus for each primal you manage to get for your build.
I'm stoked for every season of D3, because a real fan of Diablo, sticks with it.
I will enjoy it one more last time before I leave this game after 10 played seasons. I didn't play last two, this is mostly due to fact that I finally have again PC for smooth gameplay, but I got tired.

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