Which Arpg should I buy ?

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Wolcen (in beta). Grim Dawn (getting new expac soon). Torchlight 2. Lost Ark looks good, but I'll wait some more for it and see how it comes along. Supposedly a new Torchlight is coming down the pipe, can't wait for that either.
I'm at !@#$ Diablo.
Grim dawn would be my choice. Death knight is OP!!
Grim Dawn and the Warhammer game are pretty good. I would invest in either of those. I do recommend PoE, it's also free; and unlike most free to play games...it's not pay to win - it's all cosmetic stuff with the exception of extra stash tabs. Which frequently go on sale, and aren't very expensive when you consider we all paid $60+ for D3.
On a budget I highly recommend Path of Exile.

The game does however in comparison to Diablo 3 not hold your hand through the game at all and some might experience this as the game being clunky. But the more time you spend on it the more you'll notice that it's a very fluid and customizable game that will let you experiment with skills on a level that no other aprg offers on the market right now.

Do you wish to make a strength based magic caster? You can do that! With a support gem your strength is counted towards spell damage! So you can basically have a "Ugh me crush rock with magik! me stronk!" wizard.

The game's skill system takes a little bit to get used to and for your first character I recommend specializing in life/armor to increase survivability in the passives tree.
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grim dawn and inquisitor martyr are both good.

Inquisitor SHOULD be good but they've botched some of the updates and the number of players online now is pretty sad. It turned into yet another "if you like warhammer games this will be up your alley" instead of generally an overall good product.

Better off waiting for that 2019 warhammer aRPG which is set during the fantasy version and not 40k's lore.
Grim Dawn is solid as hell. Torchlight games are really good. Basically anything that has any ARPG factor is beter.
Grim dawn is awesome and cheap.
PoE is great, and free, but the skill system can be a pain.
Torchlight 2 rules, albeit cartoonish.
Definitely looking forward to lost ark.
Since it will be decades or never for Diablo PC content, I'm going to be giving quite a few a try.
im watching chaosbane closely now
Lost Ark. Korean new RPG
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Can recommend POE....its F2P base but if u like it you should spend about 20€ for Premium stash tabs (Premium for trading, more space, etc...)
Theres no P2W...everything that you can buy is only cosmetic (only stash tabs become important later if u run more builds and/or like to trade, but you can play the game 100ts of hours without them)

But for this 20€ you get every league (every 3 months or so) a content update bigger than whole full prized expensions in most of the games so faar....FOR FREE! :)

Only bcs of this I spend about 10-20€ every league for more stash tabs or skins, only to support the amazing work of Grinding Gear Games.....best developer team/company out there, theyre the new "Blizzard North" nowdays.

Next update should be the biggest ever btw...cant wait for it.

But.....its very complex, so be prepared to watch tons of guides in forum and Youtube. ;)

I can recommend "Ziggy D" on Youtube, he has a lot of beginner guides that are rly helpful.

Yupp, PoE was preparing for all out war.

The last patch updated the graphics, too. Which was what a lot of diablo players complained out. You have to enable it in the settings now tho.
Sort of a different breed than the fast paced kill stuff, but Exanima is a challenge, and a little creepy. The physics combat is hilarious and difficult to get the hang of.
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition received a new expansion like a year ago or something, which is impressive for a 12 year old game. It also has a speed up feature that helps bypass the !@#$ty engine's slowdown/hiccups and in general just speed up an otherwise slow paced game. I picked it up on console a few weeks ago and it actually feels a lot better to play, but then you don't get the speedup feature, the expansion isn't out yet, and it has a fair amount of bugs they're trying to work out.

Grim Dawn is exactly TQ, but new and improved. Plays better, looks better, runs better.
PoE releases content like this every four months or so


This was the latest which updated the graphics

And they are about to announce the large expansion that was intended to compete with d4, which will be out soon. They also announced the PS port today. For the blizz staff to not see this is a complete disconnect. Corporate !@#$ery at it's finest.
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- Grim ? Graphic looked meh
- Torchlight 2 ? already played a lot and LOVED it (
- Titanquest ? not a big fan

anything more recent ?

buy??? LMAO

the best ARPG is free 2 play.

But your choice, go spend money.

I agree PoE is the best, but it isn't for everyone. Certainly if you want a more 'class-based' approach (rather than flexible approach),I think GrimDawn is the closest to D2.
Median XL for D2
Thank you for this post. I really didn't know which one to play.....
Grim Dawn it is......I will give it a shot.
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Median XL for D2

dark paladin was really fun. this mod rocks. I agree.
Chronicon (currently in early access -- pretty sweet indie game) and Grim Dawn (with Grimarillion mod).
Path of Exile: PlayStation 4 Release Trailer

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