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I definitely have waited for a post like this for sometime. I'm actually quite interested in this topic.

I agree with a few other points that were made.

1. Get rid of stamina altogether and potions. It just kills time and makes the early progress that much more painstaking.

2. Space allocation within the stash. Bigger stash and/or shared stash between all charts vs. creating multiple mule charts/accounts. Perhaps they could have an extra satchel on the warrior like Grim Dawn does to give the inventory more space as well.

3. More runewords to choose from.

4. Aesthetics for armor. I'd like to customize how my character looks/color of the armor they wear like from Diablo 3.

5. Perhaps add the cow level experience back or different ways to level vs. just doing Chaos/Baal runs for months straight to reach level 99.

6. That little Toggle Gem in chat... Have it appear randomly to give out a certain boost for that game (Magic find, gold find, or higher % to find a legendary from bosses in that game.) Just a thought

7. Eventually make an expansion to Diablo II Remastered like the Blizzard North team planned on doing previously. Add 1-2 more character releases also as previously planned. I think this was an awesome idea that shouldn't have been scrapped. If you'r telling a story about the time between Diablo II and Diablo III, I think you could another story past the Diablo: Lord of Destruction expansion.
*coughs* @#$% it, "World of Diablo: Lord Of Destruction"
Go ahead and redesign Diablo 2 from the ground up, just make sure it's for PC and its consistent with the current story. Don't leave out any of the juicy bits we love.
Don't let us down.
All I want for it is to be on PC.
Some kind of shared storage or more stash size.
I... just want it to exist.
Whether you like it or not, d2 speed running is popular and makes the game active on youtube and twitch.

D2 allows a nervous gameplay. It has to do with actions per minutes and is not cooldown limited. Spamming stamina and spamming potions are part of the game mechanics in order to improve your speed run.
It's too late to remove it. It would harm the charts and rankings and barely improve QOL since it's only an act1 issue.

I know I will be downvoted but you have to consider the game mechanism as a whole.
Since they seem to enjoy outsourcing their IP's so much, I want them to let Grinding Gear Games handle D2 Remaster because Actiblizzion can only fvck it up.
D2 remastered with D3 QOL would be a good start. Ie, auto pick up gold, loot that drops for yourself....hated it when everyone stood next to the boss waiting to catch the drops in a split second.
Exactly as the topic says. What would you want from a D2 remastered.

What else? :)

Most importantly, they need to make sure they nail the feel of the original. If they can keep the game true to the core, then they could focus on expanding systems, and ideally, add-on to the game post Act 5.

My wishlist:

- Account shared stash that is larger and has tabs.
- Remove or rework stamina.
- Separate interface for charms.
- A full rebalancing of items/runewords, and a commitment to make passes on under performing items post launch. Bring under powered uniques and sets up to par, and balance OP runewords (looking at you Enigma).
- Make various item attributes more meaningful or viable to different builds.
- Make the character page show more stat information.
- Ability for characters in a higher difficulty to see games from lower difficulties (more game options in general).
- Add leagues/seasons to the game (Use PoE as a good example, NOT Diablo 3).
- Adjust/balance skills for every class to make under used skills more viable.
- Character customization options.
Im actually playing it solo right now trying to beat Hell act V. Theres a few things im noticing.

I want to see them get rid of full immunities because the game was unbeatable solo with elemental damage builds. They should turn it into resistant.

I want to see the drop rate increased by about 1.5x on uniques and rares and about 2x on high level runes. I find about 1 unique almost every hour of game play with 250% MF which is ridiculous and high runes are non existent.

A barter house a long with barter chat channels where they connect people based on what they are selling and what items they are looking for.

Charm slots separate from inventory space

Account wide stashes

No more Normal - Hell mode rushes and XP leeching. Shouldn't be able to join a game unless you are all within 20 levels of eachother. Or make it so you can't enter a portal unless you've discovered that zone yourself.

Auto gold pick up

Personal loot in multiplayer

And no more deleting our accounts after 90 days.......
Add teddy bears and unicorns of course.

But for real though, all it needs is updated graphics, shared stash, larger stash, and maybe a slightly higher drop rate on some of the high runes. I played for 10 years and never saw a Zod rune.
I am down for a number of QoL changes, but a couple suggestions that I keep seeing that are just hurting my soul, are the people asking for personal loot and better drop rates.

Just no... Please no.

Part of what makes Diablo 2 so great is the cutthroat nature of it. I want to lean more into that. I'm talking let's get some hardcore leagues with hostile on by default, haha.
11/07/2018 09:43 AMPosted by ZombieOnion
Exactly as the topic says. What would you want from a D2 remastered.

Obviously the gameplay should remain consistent with the original.
All the DLCs should be included
Good trading system
Better method of finding games to join

What else? :)

Honestly just let it be in my battle.net launcher, that's all I care about at this point.
Besides the obvious things that come with a remaster (graphics etc.), I'd hope they'd have the sense to do the major QoL things that people use mods for now.

Mainly I think shared stashes so that people don't need to use an asinine and almost two decades out of date mule system. It doesn't make sense to have an extremely limited amount of space but also have the ability to have massive amounts of mules. Consolidating it to shared and much larger stashes (it doesn't have to be an ~arbitrarily large finite~ number of tabs like PlugY) won't break the economy or cause any sort of huge issue, it will just save a lot of people a lot of time and disincentives one specific form of botting.

Then also but less important, certain interface things like shift right clicking to send something to your stash when the window is open. There are a lot of these kinds of improvements that most contemporary ARPGs use and I think it would be great if these were added as well, but it isn't a make or break type of situation.

I do like the idea that an extra inventory space for charms is aiming at (not being forced to use your cube as the only space to hold what you're picking up), but that is one where I think the purists that don't want any changes have a pretty decent argument to reject the change (as opposed to small stashes which are indefensible). So on that I can go either way. If charms only work in that space, so we don't now have the ability to hold twice as many charms, then I think the argument that it is exclusively a QoL improvement is sound. But giving us twice as many charms is a horrible idea and should not even be considered, and to be fair I don't think anyone is really advocating for that.

Finally, I'd hope, since it will definitely be on the new Blizzard launcher, that they're able to use their modern anti cheat software to deal with dupes and botters. At this point in time, I don't really care that much about dupes or botting, people will always find a way to do it and I am not as invested in the D2 economy as I was in, say, 2008. However, I would hope that with their new software, they would have better ways to detect bots than how quickly someone leaves and joins games. If that were the case, then as a major positive side effect I hope we would be able to enter two battle.net games in a row without fearing that our account will be suspended for a week. That combined with stash reworking would incentivize me to play on ladder a lot more, whereas nowadays I almost exclusively am playing single player with PlugY.

Edit: Actually one last thing.

I think that addressing questions about balance, removing potions, adding end game maps, all of that are really not something that I want Blizzard to do with D2. I want them to make D4 and I want the modding community to add those things to D2. D2 is an amazing game, but I completely agree that getting rid of stamina, implementing some kind of potion system like PoE has where they recharge, and end game maps are all amazing things that are objectively better. But I don't trust the current Diablo team to go back into Blizzard North's Diablo 2 and change those type of things. I trust the community of modders who have been playing and modding this game for almost two decades to do it, and if they mess up it's okay because it's only a mod. If Blizzard mess up, we're stuck with it. I want Blizzard to look at what made Diablo 2 perfect then, what makes PoE perfect now, and put those together to make D4 the greatest ARPG of all time. I don't think that they should mess around with D2 balance changes or major mechanics changes now, the community has that handled. Really, if you want more builds, if you want a more fleshed out end game, there are mods that give you exactly that.

And if it did have to happen, anything in terms of new runewords or uniques or balance changes or whatever else, I think that those would be best to do in a patch vs just being part of the remaster anyway. Make the remaster, then release a new patch afterwards so if people don't want to play with new runewords or whatever balance changes, they can still play with the remastered graphics on the older patch. I think a lot of this discussion has been "what do we want new added to D2" as opposed to "what do we want from the remaster".
What do you want for D2: Remastered

I'd prefer to have a new Diablo title instead of playing a remastered version of what I already played for a long time. Until that happens I am off playing other titles like Grim Dawn and Wolcen. (no, I am not a PoE fan so spare me)
Ok, so i will write down my wishes for the remaster/remake of Diablo 2. Hoping that Blizzard will HEAR at least some of them.

In-game changes:
1) Remove Stamina Bar. It's useless.
2) Gold Auto Pick Up.
3) Loot Compare when hovering with the mouse above a piece of gear, like in D3, let us see a comparation with our equipped gear and what stats go better and by how much, and what is going worse and by how much.
4) Shared Stash. Also, let us unlock a new stashtab by creating and playing a new class and character until a certain level, let's say level 20. OR through microtransaction or season rewards. This will encourage new and old players to play more characters.
5) Charms, Gems, Runes inventory. This will get us also a limit space on how many charms we can carry and how can we fit them toghether in that space, being that in D2 the charms had a lot of different forms. This will also help us with the space in our inventory and in the stash, because the items in D2 take a lot more space because of their different and bigger forms than in D3.
6) Get rid of Portal and Identification Scrolls...they are also kind of useless and occupy just more space for nothing.
7) Modifiy the throwable weapons... it sucks to have them in numbered limited amounts. Remove the counter or modify how this works.
8) Give us 6-8 slots of spell shortcuts on the UI, besides the 2 big right/leftclick ones, instead of having to scroll the wheel of our mouse for them.
9) Give us some way to easily respec our abilities if we want to try new build or if we find new items for new builds. I'd rather do that, than create a new character, level it up again and do the "other" build.
10) Let us change on the go the difficulties of the games, once we unlocked them.
So, if i finished the normal and hard, let me return to them whenether i want after that with the same character.
11) Add Achievements! It's always fun to see what you can do or what feats did you achieve in the game.
12) Give also the option, when starting a game at least, to play the game with the classic style, keeping everything unchanged just like in the old game, for the diehard fans. This way anyone would have something for their taste.

Outside game changes:
1) Integration into the actual battlenet.
2) Clans and communities options for the game, like in D3 or better.
3) Option for lefty handed people like me to better bind the keys or at least the option to modify all the key bindings and also to be able to bind every possible action in the game to a key. Control is KING, and i as a lefty player often struggle to have the optimal control on a game. And i love Blizzard that is one of the few giving me options for left handed people.

Future Possible Patch Changes.
1) Fuse together the D3's Campaign Mode and Adventure mode. So, let us have, random generated quests, in each act we are currently playing, everytime we log into the game, besides the story quests. It will surely bring more longevity and diversity to each play.
2) Give us also seasons like in D3, with seasonal quests to do fitting to D2 world and character progression and also why not some themed season.
3) Add new items, sets, cube recipes, runewords.
4) Add new (old) classes. It would be interesting to see a D2 take on the D3 classes. For me at least.
5) Add pets and let us choose what to pick up with them.
6) Fix all the possible bugs, old and new.
11/07/2018 09:57 AMPosted by MissCheetah
-Get rid of the stamina drain when running and the need for stamina pots. It is no fun to have to stand around and catch your breath. I get that it IS immersive, but it i makes for poor gameplay.

I wouldn't want them to remove stamina bar. If that's the case they have to code a way better monster A.I to seek player relentlessly also change the purpose of some stamina based skills and Stamina Drain monsters. I'd rather have it designed as a more rewarding source by making character accelerate slightly at certain drain thresholds as they keep running. Else, I'm always open for introducing a new affix like "%damage taken goes from stamina".

11/07/2018 09:57 AMPosted by MissCheetah
-Charms in a separate bag or interface.

They could always increase inventory space I guess? That would solve most of the problem without touching the feature.

Here's my take:
- Enigma runeword is silly overpowered. If you ever try to add it back please consider a health drain with every teleport and delayed cast animation or load it up with 50-60 charged skill Level 1 Teleport with huge mana consumption.
- Townportal is instant cast and it's so easy to cheese combat by visiting town in and out. There must be a delay upon casting it or portal must be placed conveniently spaced away from player's position at all costs. That would also get rid of lingering spell PK tricks.
- I'm neutral to PK but I'm sorta against complete removal. PK is there to create an alpha predator in the game, promoting chaos as a gameplay feature and lure people into trading. There must be certain areas nearing bossfights blocking player from going hostile completely until nearby boss is killed.
- Once a party is formed, there shouldn't be any hostility inbetween members. Only party leader should have the power to remove players from party. PKers must be tagged as such from a simple reputation system bound to their profile for a while. They should have no way of opting out from a formed party once forced to join, and they shouldn't be allowed to use town portals of other parties.
- Hostility must have a delay of 5 seconds once demanded by an attacker, at this time span the warning must be wide and clear for the target player.
- Stat allocation is a magnificent system but Strength and Dexterity is simply ignored at most builds. They must have more benefits, like reducing spell cast delay animation ever so slightly for each point of Dexterity and faster hit recovery for each point of Strength?
- Trade scamming shouldn't be that easy. There must be a delay for accepting the trade upon moving items around the trade window. Same must apply as people enter a gold amount especially when they delete a digit from their value line.
- It's hard to find Amplify Damage, Decrepify and Lower Resist items which come handy at late game. Same applies to "%damage taken goes from mana" items. They must be abit more common at Vendors on town, because they are life savers.
- I think this game needs higher elemental absorb items or at least sturdier clones to diminish or split damage between player and the clone.
You lot don't want a D2 Remastered, you want a D2 rewrite, if D2 is so great why all the wholesale changes?
And Remaster is an upgrade of video and sound quality, not making changes to the gameplay
Is quite incredible the things you people seem to be in favor of...
I hope there will be a remaster and not a remake. All needed is for the sprites to be updated and leave all else untouched.
Sprites like in pillars of eternity for example would be great.
If Blizzard was to do a D2 remaster it would not surprise me in the least if they were to just put it in the D3 engine

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