Zunimassa Rework Idea!

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
I love the zunimassa set and have since its conception. However the 6 piece could really use a significant rework. The Gargantuan is difficult to use due to the HUGE cooldown and all the pets getting in the way of his dmg. His 'AI' is off my a lot. It could simply be a very powerful build with other options just doing one very simple thing. Which i have been thinking a lot about. Just switching the 5500% increased dmg (current patch) to the pets. To instead have pets increase the dmg of (mana spenders)(Acid Cloud, Zombie Charger, Spirit Barrage, and Firebats)based on how many pets you have summoned instead. Like the 4 Piece increase dmg reduction based on how many fetishes you have alive! This could be a significant change that could make zunimassa better to play! Thank you for listening to my theory <3
Interesting idea. I was thinking increasing the radius of the gargs cleave could help, also possibly lowering the cast time of gargs, as well as the cooldown of pirhanado.
I did like to play with Voodoo and Kukri, actual we havent enough skills for a good Voodoo Build.
How about change Zuni:

4pc Bonus:
By Casting Fetish Armee u get xx% dr

6pc Bonus:
After casting Fetish Armee all ur Pets Deal xxxxx% more DMG


6pc Bonus:
When Fetish Armee and Voodoo Active ur Pets Deal xxxxx% more DMG

Instead a Mana Spender we will take Voodoo, its more DMG too...
How about:
(2) Set:
All your pets lasts until they die and the cooldown of all your Pet skills are reduced by 80%.
(4) Set:
You and your pets take 70% less damage.
(6) Set:
Your pets and sacrifice deal 500% increased damage for every Fetish you have alive.

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