Diablo: Immortal e-Sports?

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Anyone know if they mentioned this?

Probably a big part of the upset would of been alleviated if they had been clear about how they can make DI hit the e-sports scene.

Maybe twitch integration on the phone?

Dunno whats your thoughts?
not sure how this would of mitigated anything? e-sports scene has never been a reason I played diablo or any of the arpgs like it. This isn't league of legends.
Who can spend more money in the game in less time, Ativision always win
No. The fact Diablo is inherently incompatible with ESports due to it's heavy reliance on RNG is precisely the reason why they've gone this route. All of their other IPs can work just fine there, except Diablo. Hearthstone, due to the type of game it happens to be can do both, so I have no doubt it's currently their best return on investment IP currently.

This is basically the best way they could come up with to over-monetize the Diablo franchise.
11/08/2018 01:00 PMPosted by PowerCosmic
Since it's marketed for Asia, the "e-sports" will show the players racing to clear the rift while being in a glass tank full of snakes or cockroaches.
How fast can YOU purchase micro-transactions?
Esports ? On a smartphone ? LOL !!
Finally a contest where my age, job, and access to large lines of credit will give me an advantage over teens with mechanical mouses and superior reflexes.
Who can enter their CC info quicker using a virtual keyboard!

Games have to be good to at least a small standard to be an esport. DI already out of the running.
Yes first one to paragon 2000 wins a golden diablo.
Decent troll post
I dunno seems like an untapped market to me.
11/08/2018 01:42 PMPosted by NINEGRAVES
Esports ? On a smartphone ? LOL !!

Time out!

I have to charge my phone.

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