PoE is amazing but

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11/13/2018 03:48 AMPosted by lmaogg
PoE is unique in that sense that classes are not really "class lock". As long as you have enough skill points you can build whatever the F you want.
"Then isn't classes pointless"
Every class has 1-2 build path that synergize with it. It just makes that building that build more efficient with the selected class.

It is not pointless, it is more realistic in a fantasy setting. In a fantasy setting Conan wouldn't be limited to only using attacks in PoE that work only for axes. He could no doubt use almost any melee weapon.

PoE is more of a game where they give you a template for your class and tell you to build that class into the warrior that you want it to be. If you wanted a battle mage Witch you can do just that. Sure it might not be as strong as going Marauder but still it can no doubt work and be a lot of fun. That way with the players making that class what they want it to be actually has it where there are more classes than what is shown or could possibly exist if you went the route of predesigned classes.
Its an amazing game !!! New expansion is coming out on Dec 7th with lots of new content !!! If you truly want an "Authentic Diablo Experience" then you should seriously give PoE a shot
I played poe for about 3 years and i noticed... most of the time it’s that one guy with the strongest build doing everything and leaves everyone into ahses.... more like a solo map game...

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