Delseres Opus Set and Slow Time wish

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
1) slow times moves naturally with you like an aura.

2) The crown of primus lets you place slow time wherever you want and enemies inside your slow time take weapon damage every second

I would really like to see DMO turned into a primary skill based set.


2p: Mirror images last permanently until destroyed and the cooldown of slow time, teleport, frostnova, diamond skin and mirror image is reduced by X seconds every time a signature spell deals damage.

4p: permanently gain the effect of ice armor, storm armor, energy armor, familiar and magic weapon with all of their runes and additionally your slow time, frostnova, diamond skin and mirror image gains the effect of every rune.

6p: your signature spells deal 60.000% more damage and enemies inside your slow time take 9000% increased damage from all other spells and additionally heal yourself and allies inside of your slow time for 5% HP per second.

Sooo, what do you think of it ? Please keep in mind that i just started playing again after months so i am basically a noob who barelly cleared grift lvl 70 on the ptr :P
I like the jist of your idea, but that sounds extremely overpowered with the numbers you gave.

There's probably a better chance of them returning energy twister to its former glory (my wish list) before they did something like this.
I like the idea a lot but I dislike how you've implemented in your example. Some exmaple changes below how I would like to see a DMO reword towards signature skills implemented that would improve the usability of DMO in general, and make an interesting new set of choices and playstyles:

DMO set changes:

2 Piece - Mirror Images last until they are destroyed, you can a maximum of 8 mirror images. While you have the Slow Time skill selected you project an aura of Slow Time around you.

4 Piece - When you cast a signature spell of the same element as an active familiar, magic weapon, or armor spell it deals 60% increased damage and you take 60% reduced damage for 8 seconds.

6 Piece - enemies affected by slow time take X% increased damage from spells cast by you and your mirror images. Mirror images cast your signature spells when you do and deal 100% of your damage with signature spells.

Other Legendarys:

Crown of the Primus - Slow time gains the effect of every rune and the effects of slow time linger on enemies for 10 seconds after they exit the area of slow time.

Archmage's Vicalyke - Mirror Image gains the effect of all runes. Your mirror images have a chance to multiply when killed by enemies.

Fragment of Destiny - Signature Spells attack 50% faster and deal 350-400% increased damage.

The Shame of Delsere - Signature spells attack 50% faster, deal 100% increased damage, and restore 9-12 arcane power.

Gesture of Orpheus - Slow time deals 2000% weapon damage per second to enemies, this damage uses your highest elemental damage bonus to determine what type of damage it deals.

Mirrorball - Magic Missile fires 2 extra missiles and deals 150-200% increased damage

Myken's Ball of Hate - Electrocute deals 150-200% increased damage and can chain to enemies that have already been hit

Velvet Camaral - Electrocute deals 100% increased damage to the first 3 enemies hit and can jump twice as many times.

Just some food for thought overall.

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