[GR Tracker] Current highest pushes (all classes)

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
I want to keep track of the highest pushes, so we can get an idea if there are nerfs in an upcoming PTR update.

If you are a top pusher and got a better result than listed here, please tell us, so I can update the list. Since you can only be on the leaderboards with one build, tell us, when you got slightly worse results with another set if it was higher than listed.

@Everybody: Feel free to post here when there is a higher push with any build. I will update the list soon.

Top pushes for some builds are still missing in my list. Please tell me their best.

R6 (LIVE): 126 [Paragon 7000]
MotE (LIVE): 119 [Paragon 5300]

IK6/R4 (free RoRG): 126 [Paragon 7900]
R6 (free RoRG): 125 [Paragon 5000]
IK HotA (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 5000]
WW (free RoRG): 122 [Paragon 5200]
MotE (free RoRG): 116 [Paragon 2300] // ~127 [Paragon 5300] <--- LIVE +7
LON Frenzy Thorns (PTR): 100 [Paragon 3500]

Akkhan Condemn (LIVE): 130 [Paragon 7200]
SotL Hammer (PTR): 126 [Paragon 7100]
Roland (free RoRG): 125 [Paragon 5600]
Akkhan Condemn (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 5100]
Invoker (free RoRG): 121 [Paragon 3800]

UE (LIVE): 122 [Paragon 6300]
N6/M4 Cluster (free RoRG): 129 [Paragon 6000]
M6 Grenades (free RoRG): 128 [Paragon 7200]
Impale (free RoRG): 125 [Paragon 3800]
N6/M4 Multishot (free RoRG): 122 [Paragon 3400]
UE (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 4400]
N6 FoK Shi Mizu: 120 [Paragon 4100] <--- 125 estimated by Tares

S6 WoL (LIVE): 124 [Paragon 7000]
I6 WoL (free RoRG): 131 [Paragon 7400]
I6/R2 Gen (free RoRG): 130 [Paragon 6900]
I6/U4 SSS (free RoRG): 124 [Paragon 3200]
S6 WoL (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 6200]
U6 EP (free RoRG): 122 [Paragon 4700] <--- Hardcore, can probably go higher
R6 Gen (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 5300] <--- 122 estimated by streamer with 5300P

PestiLance (LIVE): 128 [Paragon 7400]
TragLance (LIVE): 124 [Paragon 5900]
RathMage (LIVE): 120 [Paragon 4900]
Inarius Thorns (LIVE): 118 [Paragon 5800]

TragLance (Free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 5900] // ~125 <--- LIVE +1
RathMage (Free RoRG): 117 [Paragon 3700]

Arachyr Firebats (LIVE): 122 [Paragon 6700]
HT Garg (LIVE): 112 [Paragon 4100]
Zuni Garg (LIVE): 110 [Paragon 4000]

Jade (free RoRG): 127 [Paragon 6900]
LoN Spirit (PTR): 121 [Paragon 6200]
Arach Firebats (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 6400] // ~126 <--- LIVE +4
HT Garg (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 5400]
Zuni Garg (free RoRG): ~117 [Paragon 4000] <--- LIVE +7
Zuni Carnevil (free RoRG): 113 [Paragon 3700]

FB Meteor Starpact (LIVE): 130 [Paragon 7200]
DMO FO (LIVE): 125 [Paragon 5800]
Vyrs FO (LIVE): 121 [Paragon 4200]

TR Meteor (free RoRG): 130 [Paragon 8200]
DMO FO (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 3700] // ~130 [Paragon 5800] <--- LIVE +5
TR FO (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 4000]
Vyrs MH (free RoRG): 119 [Paragon 1600]
Vyrs FO (free RoRG): ~126 [Paragon 4200] <--- LIVE +5

Info: We can assume all free RoRG builds to be at least 1-3 GRs lower in season 17. Some builds may suffer more than others because of missing damage mitigation and will require more fishing to be viable again.

No liability assumed.
Just a note, I think the top Crusader clear on PTR used a full 6pc roland set, ignoring the free RoRG buff.

Also weird as it is, I don't think you should be mixing live clears in here. There's a big advantage implied by having months to perfect execution of a build and fish for the perfect rift.
Yes, you can assume PTR pushes (free RoRG/PTR) to be a little higher when the patch hits live. But imo it's important to have the top live clears in mind when comparing.

Thanks for the info, I've updated the hammer push.
Invoker (free RoRG): 119 [Paragon 3749]

LON Frenzy Thorns : 100 [Paragon 3500] (my IK/HoTA pushs erased it)
Thanks, updated.
Nice thread. I think a lot would like to see something like this.

Sidenote, I think they should have capped/locked people's gems/paragon points.

They should make ptr classes with some gear to test with.

Someone running 10mio sheet damage with 5k+ paragon points will be able to push higher with a for example, monk, than someone pushing with 3k paragon points and 4mio sheet damage Dh.

Might be easy to see these numbers in the tests, but Blizzard tend to overlook some things like this and just call a nerf.

Remember Barbarians Mortick bracers were removed and the useless 2 piece rend damage on WW. Also being a very high gear demanding build as well.
they really should keep in mind that balancing the sets while the RoRG effect is activ will change the powerlvl of the testing sets on ptr compared to live unbuffed builds after the season and right now crusader is still number 1 (condemn)
I'm wondering if they want to be season or non season to be balanced better. Imo they should have stated that in their PTR text.

With seasonal being balanced, they need to rebalance for season 17. That does not make sense to me.
MotE (Free RoRG) updated, DMO Frozen Orb (Free RoRG) added, Zuni Garg (LIVE) added.
WD is the true pet class in the game and it's top builds are non pet builds. Great design devs. Rip.
I think you may be missing a few live clears for comparison.

WoF Star Pact has cleared 130 on Asian servers, Rathma has a 119 down on live, and Trag Lancer also has cleared 123 on live I believe. EU NS R6 HotA for the Barb has done 126 as well.

EDIT: https://youtube.com/watch?v=1qR4TciEjfQ has the Star Pact clear
I like the idea here but do think it'd be more useful if there was some paragon cap. It's hard to say that the top build is the most effective when there is a gap of thousands of paragons.

The top builds I saw under 2000 paragons were running at about 119.
DH, N6M4 Multishot (Free RoRG), Gr122 p3440ish
Hi and thank you for this info, but you need to avoid LIVE clears,
because of some incorrect data.

Some good guy make this list (EU, NA, Asia)

But over month not updated, some solo clears changed.
Some of them
130 Akkan re-clear with better time
128 Pesti Necr
123 Rathma Mages SoC
123 WW Bk
121 N6M4 Fire
HT Gargs 118, free RorG, ~P4100
On Live 112
Carn Zuni WD - 113, free RoRG, ~P3700

Could go higher if I put more time into it. Not too impressive, as Zuni garg will be the better zuni build.
11/24/2018 11:13 PMPosted by NZR
Hi and thank you for this info, but you need to avoid LIVE clears,
because of some incorrect data.

Live clears are just to show where the top clear stands right now for the class or to show where the top clear for a build stands if it is not getting a buff. They should be taken with a grain of salt but they are just meant to show where the relative clear strength stands per class on Live to give an idea of the relative buff you are seeing for clearing GRs with that class.

For example, the buffs to Necromancer do not seem to increase it's ability to clear GRs at all relative to Live since the 2 top builds were not buffed. That's really all the Live data is for; it does not need to be exactly accurate (although if you have more updated data it will always be helpful to share).
Thanks @all, will update my list now.

11/24/2018 10:10 PMPosted by dmkt
DH, N6M4 Multishot (Free RoRG), Gr122 p3440ish

There is already a higher clear.
They need to paragon cap the PTR. This data is hard to deal with otherwise

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