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PTR Feedback 2.6.4
Forgive me my english.
And i don't ask anything.

Topic is great. Really useful info for all.

Remark was for check info for LIVE GR's results.
Thanks NZR for your link, I've updated some LIVE results with it.

We still need data for:

U6 EP (free RoRG) as well as R6 Gen (free RoRG).

Who wants to try to push with these? :)
11/25/2018 03:04 AMPosted by MrGordons
They need to paragon cap the PTR. This data is hard to deal with otherwise

This ^
But not having capped para points, I think you get a more honest comparison of class and sets by looking at the season leader boards. There most folks are around the same para lvl and have the same imperfect gear.
11/25/2018 02:21 AMPosted by Cybah
Thanks @all, will update my list now.

11/24/2018 10:10 PMPosted by dmkt
DH, N6M4 Multishot (Free RoRG), Gr122 p3440ish

There is already a higher clear.

Yes, the higher clear is based on the usual Cluster Arrow skill. This one is centered around a 3-sentry setup with Multishot (Fire), which has great synergy with the cubed CoE bonus. Using Multishot(Physical) may further increase the clear potential.

If you're not breaking down the list way, no problem! And excellent work putting this data together -- it clarifies the status.

One new addition to the DH List: Tares just cleared GR120 with N6 FoK(Shi Mizu), he says he estimates GR125

Okay, will add your build to the list as well as the N6 FoK clear. Ty. :)
Thanks! IS there similar table for 4m parties?
11/24/2018 11:30 PMPosted by Fetznfritz
HT Gargs 118, free RorG, ~P4100
On Live 112

On live in season 13 its a 115
11/25/2018 03:33 AMPosted by Cybah
Thanks NZR for your link, I've updated some LIVE results with it.

We still need data for:

U6 EP (free RoRG) as well as R6 Gen (free RoRG).

Who wants to try to push with these? :)

Highest U6 ep I've noticed is 122, but its on HC
11/24/2018 11:31 AMPosted by Cybah
UE (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 4400] // ~130 [Paragon 6300] <--- LIVE +8


This is extremely misleading. UE is very squishy compared to other sets. While the damage was increased by about +8 GRs, there was no buff to toughness. Anything above GR120+ would require fishing for GG map and mob. I would be extremely surprise to see anyone clear a GR125+ with it.
yeah, I strongly disapprove of speculating what GR a build *could* clear. Stick to hard data.
With free RoRG there IS a buff to toughness. Only next season though.
11/25/2018 09:31 PMPosted by Cybah
With free RoRG there IS a buff to toughness. Only next season though.

Even with free RoRG (only for 1 season), there's not a good cube option to buff UE's toughness. Maybe wear Gunes and cube Beacon's Sail or String of Ears, but those aren't very good or reliable.
Well, alright. Removed my speculation for that set from the list.
11/24/2018 11:31 AMPosted by Cybah
Vyrs MH (free RoRG): 119 [Paragon 1600]

is this Vyrs/Tal or Vyr 6p ?
Vyr 6p from cratic: https://www.d3planner.com/321825883
as we can see sets are far away to be "balanced" and ppl arent hard pushing the powerfull builds in PTR
How is this posible¿??

Inarius Thorns (PTR): 119 [Paragon 2000]

Check the equipment, and caldesan, and he has only 3 equipment with torns, and in the weapon. Is there a exploit, or this is actually posible?
Thanks for putting this together, Cybah!

While this is data we can see internally, I think the community will find a lot of value in this information during balance discussions and comparisons. Going to go ahead and sticky it for that purpose. :)
11/24/2018 11:31 AMPosted by Cybah
I want to keep track of the highest pushes, so we can get an idea if there are nerfs in an upcoming PTR update.

If you are a top pusher and got a better result than listed here, please tell us, so I can update the list. Since you can only be on the leaderboards with one build, tell us, when you got slightly worse results with another set if it was faster than listed.

@Everybody: Feel free to post here when there is a higher push with any build. I will update the list soon.

Top pushes for some builds are still missing in my list. Please tell me their best.

R6 (LIVE): 126 [Paragon 7000]
MotE (LIVE): 119 [Paragon 5300]

IK6/R4 (free RoRG): 126 [Paragon 7900]
R6 (free RoRG): 125 [Paragon 5000]
IK HotA (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 5000]
WW (free RoRG): 122 [Paragon 5200]
MotE (free RoRG): 116 [Paragon 2300] // ~127 [Paragon 5300] <--- LIVE +7
LON Frenzy Thorns (PTR): 100 [Paragon 3500]

Akkhan Condemn (LIVE): 130 [Paragon 7200]
Hammer (PTR): 126 [Paragon 7100]
Roland (free RoRG): 125 [Paragon 5600]
Invoker (free RoRG): 119 [Paragon 3749]

UE (LIVE): 122 [Paragon 6300]
N6/M4 Cluster (free RoRG): 129 [Paragon 6000]
N6/M4 Multishot (free RoRG): Gr122 [Paragon 3400]
M6 Grenades (free RoRG): 128 [Paragon 7200]
Impale: 125 (free RoRG): [Paragon 6400]
UE (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 4400]
N6 FoK Shi Mizu: 120 [Paragon 4100] <--- 125 estimated by Tares

S6 WoL (LIVE): 124 [Paragon 7000]
I6 WoL (free RoRG): 131 [Paragon 7400]
I6/R2 Gen (free RoRG): 130 [Paragon 6900]
I6/U4 SSS (free RoRG): 124 [Paragon 3200]
S6 WoL (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 6200]
U6 EP (free RoRG): 122 [Paragon 4700] <--- Hardcore, can probably go higher
R6 Gen (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 5300] <--- 122 estimated by streamer with 5300P

PestiLance (LIVE): 128 [Paragon 7400]
TragLance (LIVE): 124 [Paragon 5900]
RathMage (LIVE): 120 [Paragon 4900]
Inarius Thorns (LIVE): 118 [Paragon 5800]

Inarius Thorns (PTR): 119 [Paragon 2000]
TragLance (PTR): ~127 [Paragon 5900] <--- LIVE +3

Arachyr Firebats (LIVE): 122 [Paragon 6700]
HT Garg (LIVE): 112 [Paragon 4100]
Zuni Garg (LIVE): 110 [Paragon 4000]

Jade (free RoRG): 127 [Paragon 6900]
LoN Spirit (PTR): 120 [Paragon 4600]
Arach Firebats (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 6400] // ~126 <--- LIVE +4
HT Garg (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 5400]
Zuni Garg (free RoRG): ~117 [Paragon 4000] <--- LIVE +7
Zuni Carnevil (free RoRG): 113 [Paragon 3700]

FB Meteor Starpact (LIVE): 130 [Paragon 7200]
DMO FO (LIVE): 125 [Paragon 5800]
Vyrs FO (LIVE): 121 [Paragon 4200]

TR Meteor (free RoRG): 130 [Paragon 8200]
DMO FO (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 3700] // ~130 [Paragon 5800] <--- LIVE +5
Vyrs MH (free RoRG): 119 [Paragon 1600]
Vyrs FO (free RoRG): ~126 [Paragon 4200] <--- LIVE +5

Info: We can assume all free RoRG builds to be at least 1-3 GRs lower in season 17. Some builds may suffer more than others because of missing damage mitigation and will require more fishing to be viable again.

No liability assumed.
I think with Hydra Lightning Damage Repair, can be a possible Build for top GR.

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