Go buy and play Diablo 2 with plugy

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I would like to recommend to all who didn't play Diablo 2 here for any reason as now is the best time to be part of Diablo franchise and to buy and try it. You will witness true Diablo experience within this legendary game and it's available to buy on battle.net right now! I'm super excited to bring more people into this game and current Blizzcon is the great opportunity for that.

Great guide from MrLlamaSC how to install everything properly:

Plugy is a mod that gives shared stash space and unlocks battle.net only runewords and events on singleplayer (d2se has plugy in it but its but it's a bit old version, I'd recommend to update it with files from plugy website)

Or you can play PoE ofc
I'll probably get hated for this, but I don't feel like I want to invest any more time into Diablo at all.

I was more of a SC1 kid than D1/D2 kid, and in the past have always had it on my to-do list...'till now.

It may seem like irrelevant spite...heck, maybe it is.

My apologies for bringing the negativity spam to your thread.
Seriously. Now is not the time to give blizzard any money. They need to learn to give a !@#$ about their long time supporters wants. They simply don't care to listen anymore.

So make it hard for them to not listen. Hit them in the wallet.
I tried D2 at some time before RoS came out and found it pretty disappointing.
After a few days of "will this get better" I hopped back to D3, felt "aahhh" and never started D2 again.

Guess D2 is only for veterans who played it when it was new and a total loss for all those who started with D3. Got hooked there during the public beta weekend and enjoyed it right from the start, very unlike D2. Still having fun with D3, and with one class per season I don't really mind the missing updates.

Of course I'm just as disappointed with the Chinese phone doodad as everyone else.
Seriously you advice people to give money to blizzard after today? **** off they wont have a cent from me

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