Diablo Immortal is Failure of Leadership.

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Coming from a person who constantly deals with business I already have a good idea why Diablo 3 immortal was even allowed project approval.

The Africian \ Asian Markets - Africia \ China \ India \ Korea \ Japan are currently having a massive mobile boom. Especially when it comes to highend phones - meaning there is a massive potential for billions of dollars up for grabs.

Companies like Minecraft \ Fortnite and PubG are already taking advantage of it. So a board room decision was made to bring Diablo franchise into the mix.

I am guessing Netease did not want to bring an existing old franchise into China but wanted something new. Which is how Diablo Immortal was born.

With billions of dollars up for grabs and requiring a constant doorway to China ( as you are required to partner with a chinese company in order to bring products into the Great Firewall means keeping up a healthy partnership ), it would be understandable for an executive to greenlight the project.

This is also where the failure of leadership began to take root.
A comptent leader and project lead would instead of followed the path of the other 3 major studios. Bringing the product first to PC then porting it to mobile.

As you can see Minecraft \ Fortnite \ PubG all had existing PC first applications.
That would mean creating a game where you could create assets which could be downscaled sufficiently to work on mobiles while creating two seperate ways to interact with the environment.

After all we are talking about a PvE game and not a PvP game. Which means you don't need absolute uniformity between the different platforms as long as it results in similar behavior.

Though this would have increased production costs - it would have not only have had a better response by the existing community but would have brought in exponentially more profits in the long run. Why?

A very simple statement could be made to advertise the game.

"Start your adventure on PC - then continue your adventure on the Go!"

That would have been a fantastic marketing hit.

Long story short.
This was a total and absolute failure of leadership. You have disenfranchised vast majority of the existing Diablo community thanks to your actions.

A word of warning - do not bring the exact same experience to PC. In order for it to survive in the PC market it needs to be remade with PC in mind with the same and higher quality of Diablo 3.

A direct port to PC would do irreparable harm to Blizzards image. From a respected company that produces quality products, to a cheap AAA franchise that pushes junk ports onto consumers.

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