buff damage reduction

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
some classes and specs have more than 90-95% dmg red ( for example IK barb ring+ set+ aquilla +berserker+ istvan)

pls add damage reduction on monk sets there are too little option to monk to increase dmg reduction in many cases he forced to use unity ( even with it he is too squishy) but it is only for solo play no any options for party play as dps.

add ring that give 60-80% dmg reduction as other classes have or add damage reduction into sets

nercomancer also haven't good options to survive 50% dmg reduction is too little if you want to go to 100-130 gr...

for dh elusive ring have 60% but barb has 80%, i think it also should be buffed to 80%
zoi belt also should be buffed for from 9% for each pet to 10%
Second that motion Crusader, Demon hunter, Monk, Necromancer and witch doctor can use some damage reduction.

Especially set that have a stacking damage reduction mechanism. It is very unreliable and one miss step usually lead to multiple dead. If blizzard insist of keeping them stacking at least they should buff the reduction limit. More difficult mechanism should result in better reward.

Some damage reduction mechanism fall off too fast and make the game-play become remember to press a certain button every few seconds. Those mechanism will usually result in macro or num-locking and an annoying game-play for casual player
They buffed all sets by 2-10x but there was zero mitigation improvements,meh

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