Please buff elemental legendarys

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
Most elemental damage affixes, particularly on weapons, are woefully out of date, and need serious buffs to be relevant for consideration in most builds. I think having some options here would do a lot for build diversity. Some examples of the legendarys I'm talking about:

Cinder Switch
Mad Monarch's Scepter
Odyn Son
Schaefer's Hammer
Shard of Hate
Sky Splitter
Stalgard's Decimator
Wizard Spike
Andariel's Visage
Death Watch Mantle
Fire Walkers
Pox Faulds
Sash of Knvies
Thundergod's Vigor

Thats only looking at the ones that Wizards can use, I'm sure there are plenty of other examples for other classes that deserve consideration as well.
Yes a lot of old good items are now in terrible state mostly because most of them were created in the early days of reaper of souls, and the game has changed a lot, something similar happens to the one that was the best item in the game "The Furnace".

I think a good idea to improve the elemental damage based items should be increase it to 50%, and i think that the furnace needs some love too, but im not sure about which number is right.

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