Immortal video on youtube at 200 likes. 6000 dislikes.

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Highly Rated
Blizzard really shocked everyone with this one.

Just not in a good way.
Complete insanity
Please provide link so I may add a furious click to the dislikes.

The dumpster fire that is now the Diablo franchise... no more words...
Link Please.
Over 11k dislikes already.
ty, gonna dislike it too.
Of course it is. The dev's made that video hyping us up for some cool new games and then we get.... this.. Honestly i don't even know what more to say.
Jesus, i've never seen such a sh** storm

Look at Blizzard, there you can see how to kill a franchise
Disliking too. Thanks for the link, I was hoping it was there.
It's over 13k now. It's the new IW trailer
Making new youtube accounts to dislike extra
thanks for the link! disliked it and be done with it forever!
Soon at 100k dislikes! Just wait for PPL on EU and Asia Wake up.
I disliked it. I will contribute to our crusade.
I'm doing my part.
Over 15k now lol

I hope whoever came up with the idea is ashamed and embarrassed.
Where's my "I Disliked" sticker.
pay the big price and bring back blizzard north plz

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