Immortal video on youtube at 200 likes. 6000 dislikes.

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I'll click that link 500 !@#$en times.

I'm so angry I want to walk out of blizzcon but I refuse to lose out on the money I spent.

also, wc3 looks amazing cant lie about that
They finally got their own dose of fail
More like 800 like 25k dislikes
and only gonna get higher
all the likes are blizzard employees
lol, top most liked comment on that video is hilarious!
27k !
11/02/2018 01:44 PMPosted by McCloud
lol, top most liked comment on that video is hilarious!

They keep deleting comments.
over 27k dislike.
As of this post:

Cinematic Trailer: 1039 likes / 26765 dislikes (3.7%)
Gameplay Trailer: 647 / 14740 (4.2%)

What a raging dumpster fire.
I usually don't join the bandwagon of bullying, but it looks like wasted resources. I sense a strong management issue with the franchise.
Thanks for the link add my down vote. What a HUGE disappointment even for those of us not expecting much if anything.
disliked.... piece of !@#$!
31K dislike now lol
I am so sad as well,,,,
is Sony running this company now or what?
Blizzard must be trying to tank their company so they can all get unemployment!
Just 66k to go till 100k :D
this is unfortunate and I am completely disappointed, what's next, Farmville diablo edition? WTF
Ugh what garbage is this!? Do not want.

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