[2.6.4] [Barbarian] Might of the Earth Set

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
11/25/2018 02:17 AMPosted by Mupasthech
These are just my thoughts, I realize they're probably not all possible if any.

Blade of the Tribes should be a cubable power which includes the damage bonus for EQ. Alternative to Furnace/FotVP. When equipped on person, a weapon should ALWAYS roll with max fury, especially this one... ALWAYS... meaning, it should always have max fury on it as a secondary, ALWAYS.

6 piece damage needs increased.
Damage mitigation needs increased somehow, possibly buff/rework of the Leap rune given in the set bonus.

Standing in a Quake should do something, the more Quakes, the higher the effect. An effect that becomes active after there are 2-3 Quakes out: It could be as simple as mitigation or more damage.

Meaningful healing increase either a massive amount of Life Regen or increased Life Per Fury Spent for standing in Quakes.

Make Avalanche and Ground Stomp viable, please. Make Dread Iron a cubable multiplier. Ground Stomp should be causing an Avalanche. Boulder Toss was also fun, lets get that involved again as an alternative. Fix Boulder Toss's aiming issues.

Let us customize parts of the UI like the chat box.... the chat box jams Leap up pretty good sometimes. Same with the various buttons over on the right. Its fake news, let us get rid of it.

Fix the INFREQUENT Leap issue when trying to leap it just rotates my character in place and does nothing but has a 100% kill rate. Maybe thats my latency, who knows.

Increase the size of the Blade of the Tribes transomg or give us an even more ridiculous one. I'm serious.

Pyramid Head transmog plox, and have the barb drag the Blade of the Tribes around like he does. This would be OP.

Please remove the cap on Bracers of Destruction.

Work on the unused Quake runes a bit.

Pyramid head cosplay lol
i would even take frog barbarian if it can do trash killer in group. at least one dps build after that many years .....
Inherently, due to the damage build up of MoTE, we'll always feel less powerful than other builds that just do instantaneous damage. I like SS as opposed to Boulder Toss, but rumble really sucks sometimes. I would love to see Rumble get turned into a rune that just hits with immediate damage rather than hoping a boss or other targets stay in the cone long enough to receive both ticks.

This RoRG season has me curious about going back to a physical build with Strongarms in the cube or just magefists with pure fire, I haven't done the actual paper math on which might win out in the scenario, but I do like the freedom.

(However, obviously, once the RoRG is gone, we once again lose the 20 or 30% damage buff, or the leorics I've seen)

I've also been quite alright with trailing behind other specs when it comes to damage. So this sudden leap in #'s is quite exciting, still not within necro / wizard/ crusader range, but perhaps I can sneak into a 4Party as LQ, xD;

I agree with the posts I've seen about removing the cap on Bracers of Destruction. This would help clear out packs a bit quicker, but I can't help to wonder that if Rumble was changed to a 1-hit instant baseball bat effect; it'd probably fix itself.

I was toying with the possible idea of somehow gaining the effect of another or all EQ runes. Extra damage from those would be pretty substantial, and free us up to go full physical to even further abuse Rumble.
We need either a modified 4p multiplier to make EQ gain the effect of every rune, or a legendary with this option on it
or just buff up dmg x4 to have at least trash killer build in publick GRs

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