Frenzy Barb Buff

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
I love Frenzy Barb, and from testing it out on the PTR, it still is far, far behind other builds.

My suggestion is to change the Maniac rune from doing 2.5% more damage per stack to 2.5% damage per hit, stacking infinitely on a target. This way, the damage scales faster, potentially making this a viable rift guardian killing build and solo-pushing build.

For comparison, Bone Ringer currently offers 30% damage per second on top of Stricken, and Shield of Fury offers 30% damage x your APS on top of stricken. A Frenzy Barb can do 10 attacks per second, giving it 25% more damage per second (linear) on top of Stricken.

If it still isn't enough, I would suggest changing the additional stacks from 5 to 20 on Bastion's Revered.

It is a small change, but enough that it makes it a viable single-target destroyer.
sadly that won't be enough.
even if you had a buff that stacks on hit it won't be enough at the moment or you would hit 10 min on a whitemob on 90+

frenzy gen builds need 2 buffed multiplier to work with ik or lon ( like buff oathbringer by a lot and then change brancers of secheron to a primary multiplier - or use undisputed champion and add like 1000%...)
buff hack as well
or change passive tough as neil from 100% thorns to 1000% thorns
or chest 300% vitality into thorns change to 1500%

we are shooting blind, we dont know what their intentions are and whats actually easy to do and what is not. if anything they will only do easy things

we dont know if we should focus feedbacks on reworking existing legendaries or passive skills or if we shouldnot focus on barbarian at all because they dont like the class and will never allow us dps in group

if we knew for certain its 3rd option .at least we could calm down, quit playing right away and we wouldnot be wasting energy and time with PTR feedbacks

but we havenot heard from them what is possible for them to change and what is not.

a word blizzard pls
Gen barb is general needs another supporting legendary to make it viable. At the moment there is only a 1-H mighty weapon with a 200% multiplier and a depth digger 100%. That is not even remotely close to other builds.
The damage doesn't come from Frenzy itself, it comes from Thorns.

Some more changes I'm thinking of on top of the original change,
Give the Undisputed Champion belt 100% increased attack speed for Frenzy, multiplicative.
Sidearm - 2.5% CDR per stack
Berserk - 20% attack speed per stack instead of 15%
Vanguard - Gain 5% movement speed and armor per stack
Smite - increase thorns by 10% per stack
Undisputed champion - Frenzy gains the effect of all runes and has 100% increased attack speed
Bastion's Revered - Increase stacks by 10 (15 max stacks)
We Need more legendary powers to play frenzy, or something which improve damage by tons.
They need to revert the 'bug' where Hack actually procced area damage.

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