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over 15.000 Comments deleted, over 100.000 Downvotes removede, spread the message
Sounds logical, manipulation of the masses, has been going on, sense the first Shaman or priest, pointed out to the doubter how the moon was not in the right part of the sky, the entrail's did not fall intact, the sign was in the heart or your faith was not strong enough.

We are easily fooled, and manipulated.
How disgusting. I say it with my heart.
I am absolutely appaled at these practices. I mean, I am neither stupid nor blind to the machinations of our capitalist society, but I am generally not able to even conceive such methods.
I did not play Diablo overly much, I WAS more of a Wow player (for close to a decade) and "naturally" left after the launch of BfA, because I could not fathom how a company this large and successful ignored the most basal concepts of game design and what would "generally" make a game fun and meaningful. Once again I am speaking in very broad game design and game theory terms (I am aware that every person defines fun for themselves).
For me it felt as if I probably would have to leave Wow behind on the off chance that they would regain their footing after a sub-loss debacle and I might me able to enjoy the game in the future.
But THIS handling of their consumers and fanbase is beyond appaling. It is reprehensible. I have followed the development of the trailer video with the 300k dislikes and experienced first hand the deletion of my comment. I have never participated in comment-wars before and as you might guess my use of language would be quite far from a degenerative hateful slur some commenters might use.
I am disgusted by this company which uses such practices.
And as a consumer who tries to be aware of his consumption habits and their implications and is very much able to deliberately decide what to consume I will not be playing any Blizzard games in the future. I do not want to support these quasi-fascist methods and am left baffled and sad.
Looking at all this Armageddon in the news, tweets, forums, it was thought: on YouTube there is only a "thumbs up" and a "thumbs down", but no "show the middle finger".
Np this have over 325000 dislikes...

I do not remember a release so repudiated since doing a long time
This is not capitalistic, this is conspiracy between dirty companies getting completely blown out. Congrats Blizzard you have joined the collective of monopolistic dirt bags.
11/04/2018 03:32 AMPosted by Sony
Np this have over 325000 dislikes...
ok, but they already prepared reserve video and only the devil knows how many copies of it they have: at any time they can delete video with huge dislakes and pop up an another one.

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