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11/04/2018 11:36 AMPosted by mkdr

Isn't this that barb who got briefly famous by attacking other streamers before falling off the face of the earth when he ran out of drama to cause?
It seems like he's still trying to sell the game. No thanks Rhykker, I won't try it. He needs to tell Blizzard and all of his followers how he really feels instead of trying to maintain a good relationship with Blizzard.
What an absolute joke this is.

I am not saying youtubers need to be like "kill Wyatt Cheng, he's a traitor" but, has any youtuber come out and said this sucks? Or are they all on the Blizz payroll?

Rhykker didn't. Bluddshed didn't. I can't find a Wolfcryer video. I know Quin isn't really relevant in D3 anymore but he is the only one who has said his true feelings on the matter.

No one wants this pile. I don't feel the need to hang Wyatt, but you better believe I am going to tell Blizz you f'd up.

Blizz you f'd up. Thank you for joining Bioware, EA, and Obsidian, as companies I will never support again.

chucka booooom....

heeey theeere fooolks...

Check ooooone twooo theeee...






Every time I hear about one of these "famous gamers" puss out it makes me miss Total Biscuit.
Whatever he does it won't be as great as this:

11/04/2018 08:25 AMPosted by Whithul
11/04/2018 08:03 AMPosted by cdm
Rhykker has sold out.
Sad to say but it looks like he has. What does Wolfcryer have to say about all this?

he's not happy and is disappointed with it being a mobile only game and has no plans on ever playing a mobile game.
11/04/2018 08:16 AMPosted by IOI655321
He works closely with blizzard.

He cant rage like everyone else in the community he has to look at subjective and objective and remain professional.

Professional? Not at all. He is s u c k i ng on Sh1tzards d1ck to get ca$h. He is the complete opposite of "professional".

11/05/2018 07:19 PMPosted by Envy
11/04/2018 08:25 AMPosted by Whithul
...Sad to say but it looks like he has. What does Wolfcryer have to say about all this?

he's not happy and is disappointed with it being a mobile only game and has no plans on ever playing a mobile game.

He kept mentioning that it was disappointing. I also want to point out what the community manager said about it being the only announcement that day. She really specified that it wsas because it was ready contrary to everything else. That and the countless hints that D:I is not the "big surprise" they are planning for the future. I think we need to be patient and that patience will someday be rewarded.
I'm giving him the benefit of doubt, let's wait for the youtube video.
If he is saying anything even remotely positive about this, I'm done with him.
still waiting Rhykker video lol most youtuber already review everything but nothing from him is going funny to watch lol

this is Rhykker on mobile LMAO
It is incredibly obvious he is trying to remain civil in the environment. He's not going to make a scene, he is an adult and is not going to rant live in public like a 14 year old pubescent boy. If you think he is happy about this you are delusional. He will likely talk about how disappointed he is in a relatively professional manner. Do you guys understand that this is his livelihood? Why would he jeopardize this to simply throw a tantrum ? He's not in high school. WE ARE ALL VERY DISAPPOINTED, and in a way feel betrayed.
He was having dinner with those CM after blizzcon. I didn't even have to watch for his video response to know what he's going to say.
I think he is being paid.
As one of the top Diablo content creator he must be destroyed inside.
Well the presstitute will have to find a new hype train speculation to make his tube of the you money!

Hey Foaks!

11/04/2018 08:48 AMPosted by Damager
11/04/2018 08:03 AMPosted by cdm
Rhykker has sold out.
Nah, he is as Disappointed as we are. He just doesn't show it out of decency and respect to people that have no control over money-hungry corporations that are capable of destroying their employees lives.

i totally agree, you can hear it in his voice when he is talking, he also knows that he is being watched and listened too. I think some honest responce will come once he is home.
Quoted from his channel (added by him about 5h ago):

"Hey folks, sorry for the lack of videos/update. I had planned to release hype videos during blizzcon with all the awesome diablo news I thought we'd get. After the opening ceremony, I knew I could not do that anymore. I will have a video reaction to everything that went down during this !@#$storm. It will be a long, comprehensive video. I just got home from the trip tonight; I have a (non-blizzard-related) work obligation this week, but I will try to get my video up as soon as possible. It has been an emotionally disturbing weekend. I look forward to properly expressing everything that's been going through my head to you folks. Thanks for your patience. Rest assured that I will not be ignoring what happened this weekend."
I mean, he's not wrong to say that if they had even a small spinoff title to share at the same time for PC, people would be less upset.

It's a tad sad, but at the same time, I can see why he did it. Wants to try and ride the line so he can still stay in the privileged "Blizzard Streamers" pool.

Can't say I'd do too much differently. Maybe not imply to dismiss the hate with the "It's not made for you"

Since... Yeah. That's the point. We want more Diablo, and Blizzard promised more of it for us, the fans like 2 months prior.

Then gave us a pineapple-covered pizza when they promised meat lovers.
"This was made to appeal to a different audience [...] I can understand the reaction [...] I feel like this would have been better received if they had anything else to share with this."

Nothing I can see here screams sell-out to me?

I actually absolutely agree. Obviously, announcing a title for their long time fans at the same time, would have softened the blow. I'm certain Blizzard realizes that. The problem is that they have nothing else to announce. And that is no small problem.

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