Matt Uelmen should compose D4's music!

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05/03/2019 10:50 PMPosted by Olbat
I would like to talk about lod music though. D2's act5 music is made with a symphonic orchestra. Sounds good but it sounds atmospheric just like diablo3. Not so diablo-isch.
Also I think the original D2 classic game menu music is better than lod menu's.
Yes, yet I think Lod remains superior to d2 classic gamewise.

In Diablo 2, Act 5 was the only act fitting for a symphonic orchestra, though.

Act 1 was grasslands and marshes
Act 2 was deserts
Act 3 was jungles
Act 4 was Hell itself

But for Act 5, You're ascending up a frozen mountain to find and secure a colossal sacred object that literally created the world. This is the one place that an epic symphonic orchestra would fit.

Matt actually perfected the music for the atmosphere in each different act. Whether you think it's good or not is up to you, but the point is that he created a perfectly fitting atmosphere.

Listen to this:

This plays when you're in the Worldstone Keep onwards for Eve of Destruction.

At 1:18 when it starts to pick up, it's actually spine-tingling in a good way. You're about to finish the last quest of the game in a final showdown with Baal.

In Diablo 3, the soundtrack in Act 4 sounded it like it was trying way too hard to be epic and it completely collapsed on itself.

Act 1 was dull.
Act 2 I barely noticed the background music.
Act 3's soundtrack made me look at Azmodan like a disney villain. (and his dialogue didn't help either)

The only time i felt something good and that had fitting atmosphere was listening to the track "Chains of Fate" when I was about to go look for and fight Adria in Act 5. Her fight was depressing and final form was terrifying, and the soundtrack gave a good buildup towards it.

Also maybe the final fight with Malthael. That was an amazingly fitting track as well.

Reaper of Souls was like someone putting a good band-aid on a wound that would never heal. Diablo 3 vanilla was an absolute trainwreck.
D2 shmee too.

When I get bored of the D3 soundtrack, I disable the music and put this on:

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