Blizzard is still ignoring us

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Was there any respond to all this? No. They are dodging any comments.
They are just removing dislikes on youtube and comments, that's their way to communicate with us.
Ha, you're never going to see Nevalistis show her face here again - Blizzard community managers have a nice gig, they don't even have to interact with the community. I think it's obvious Blizzard threw her under the bus to make such an ill-fated announcement and then threw Wyatt under the bus and coached him on how to generate fake enthusiasm.

Go look at when Metzen had to announce the most ill-received WoW expansion ever, Mists of Pandaria... he actually BELIEVED in the game and you could feel it - despite knowing that WoW fans were really not into Pandas, he sold the game on its merits.

I couldn't feel any real interest from Wyatt when he announced D:I - it just felt so forced and fake. None of it felt genuine.
i will give them the benefit of the doubt on that, in that it is the weekend. Now if we dont get something today, then i will be able to see they are actively ignoring us.
They are not going to alter their stance guys.

This is how blizzard is.

They will deny, double down and censor.

They will however, again, mention that they have other "projects in the works" - what they mean is, they have one more diablo main project going, which is most likely split into 2-3 pre development brainstorming phases at this point: Moba, MMO and BR.

They want more money through their main IP's. Its obvious that they will not let us have a classic diablo game again, they want MTX or sub money going forward.
Blizzard responses cost $50 bucks and they happen annually at virtual blizzconn. If they told you everything you wanted to know about Diablo 4 now, you wouldn't have watched last year's Blizzconn, or this year's, or next year's.
I believe that an official announce about all this crisis will happen in the late of this week. It's Monday yet and they are talking about this for sure. Or don't... Once money talks, and they know chinese community will play this !@#$ for sure.

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