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You don't hear us. By announcing more mobile projects in the future it's obvious. Every developer every penny you use on mobile is slap in the face to the community that built you and made you what you are. How far you have fallen. I'd rather have ghost crawler and Jay Wilson at this point. They may have made mistakes but at least it was on PC.
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We want to start by saying we hear you.

This is by far the worst follow up to a PR fiasco I have ever been apart of...
Someone needs to take a look at the Diablo team and see if we can change everyone from the Community Manager to top Devs...
Still waiting for the apology for the widespread silencing campaign run by Blizzard to try and downplay their blunder.

Also, tiger electronic games from the 80's have a similar demand as diablo on mobile.
If you were really listening to us when it comes to D3 and if you ever heard us, you would've implemented all of the brilliant QoL suggestions (https://imgur.com/a/piefM) from this thread:


It's been a year since that thread and you haven't done a single thing.
Hello guys

First of all I'm sorry if the following text gets too big and my English level (I'm not fluent), but my next words have been inside me for some time and I chose to share in this forum, since here I've seen many people who think like me.

Just like me, many people here consider Diablo to be one of the best games of our childhood, just as it is for other people with Starcraft or WoW (Blizzard always knew how to make high quality games)

Diablo 3 came and brought me fun for a while (not for long), I am without playing it for a long time. Why? After the Campaign there is nothing left to do in the game besides being in an infinite farm to become stronger... but for what purpose do I need to become stronger ???? Rift? Maybe it would have been a good idea if it had been perfected but not ... Season after season the same cycle without goal is repeated.

I am an adult man who suffers from a problem called "Anxiety", not because I get too euphoric waiting for something, but because I think of thousands of unnecessary things in my life, travel in ideas, trips that happen at night lying in bed before sleep. On one of those trips I was thinking how cool it would be to work in Blizzard by providing ideas for creating content in D3, so I thought of some (I always wanted to communicate but never had the courage) ideas such as:

The first of all,..​​interaction between players.

In D2 the interaction was not much but personally I found it extraordinary to enter other people's games to exchange items, so the first tip would be to make the items really legendary, hard to find. It was really cool to see that item with a brown name or different visual ... 'wow he owns The Grand Father, Tal Rasha ..., Wow full set shining with aura`

How to improve the interaction in D3 since we do not have PvP? I thought about the Rift. Two possibilities of mechanics in the Rift. One of them I think not so difficult to implement, would be statistics (Damage and Kill) in the Co-op format in each rift played. It would be a way between my friends who are making a rift to dispute with each other and see who killed less or gave less damage, that would be a small stimulus to justify the farm cycle to become stronger and not just a RANK.

Another mechanic for Rift more complex would be a Rift Duel, perhaps as a Tower Defense, Two Teams of 4 Players defending their sanctuaries from attacks of hordes and hordes of demons of different levels, until the enemy sanctuary is destroyed. Things like Respaw or Sending of creatures by the opposing team could be put in this modality. How cool would that be? A unique Kadala type NPC with High Attributes items, Unique Powers and Non-Dropable visuals. The coin of this NPC would be something new and somewhat difficult to drop normally in the Hunts or rifts and would be the Fuel for this Combat Rift, Example, each team's inscription would be 4 coins and the winning team would win 8.


In the example I gave above, they could be small microtransactions of Charms or boost ($ 0.99) that doubled the Drop of this exclusive coin or increased the chance by two hours for example, after all everyone wants exclusive items or wants to duel.

But I think the best way to make money without compromising the balance of the game would be SKINS, not just the character but changing the SKILLS visual effects. (these skins could stay in the exclusive NPC as well)

FUTURE. (Blizzcon 2018 and D: I)

Why am I broken-hearted? I really was sad and disappointed, for several days I got bad and accessing the forums every day behind some explanation or news. I did not expect a lot of news at Blizzcon but the only one that came up gave me a shock. The problem was not the announcement of D: I, it was precisely because it was the ONLY one.

At this point I do not know how to think or cheer; if I want D: I to be a failure, you will lose a lot of money and have more difficulty developing a future D4 (I think you have nothing done). If, I want D: I to be a success this can mean two things ... (complete abandonment of PC and Focus on MOBILE) or more people to get to know Diablo and more Money for more PC projects. (in my opinion cell phone was not made to play games)


Currently I'm giving a lot of value to the interactions in the games with other players, I personally wish a Diablo MMOROG (Diablo: Ethernal War) where the game would be open world with 3 ambiences (Paradise, mortal world, and hell) where each one of these 3 worlds would be composed of dozens of respective themed locations, where Paradise would be the setting for players who chose the characters to defend the "good", the World of Mortals would be an environment of fights between GOOD and EVIL, with places that might be controlled or protected on one side (with weekend events for disputes) Locations such as caves, cities, swamps, each of these places with their own drops thus making certain items worth more or less depending on the side that owns it ( economy). The characters on the side of Hell could be new creations or they could be the Lords of Evil we know in playable versions.

But the greater interaction beyond the combats for point controls, would be legendary and challenging crafts. For example, I am an Archangel of Good, for me to build the largest Tier armor I would need an item that only Dropped in the "Hell" Area Map , EX> Demon Heart, and those areas would be with free PK zones for Opposing Faction players .

To conclude, I know a lot is repeated (Multiple Projects), but I know a saying that say "talking is easy, hard is show or prove" (hire me Blizzard for more ideas, lol, joking xD)

I love Blizzard's work too much, but as Diablo is abandoned (PC), I searched for other games to replace it. I can not swallow POE, but Grim Dawn and Wolcen are cool. But I still having hope in you Blizzard.
and finally a phrase - "we do not want news, we need news!"

Again, I apologize for my words, I know that not everyone will like them. But that's what I think. Ridiculous maybe, but not for me =), sorry for my english errors.
[quote="207682906056"]Okay hear me up. Stop deleting people's posts and don't try to clean down votes at immortal videos. As a company you made a decision and we reflect that as a gamers of your products. Don't hear just what you want to hear.

this! i cannot agree with this more!
[quote="207683911636"]Hello guys

First of all I'm sorry if the following text gets too big and my English level (I'm not fluent), but my next words have been inside me for some time and I chose to share in this forum, since here I've seen many people who think like me.

No need to apologize your english is fine
I made a much longer post earlier in this thread. Lamenting the way Blizzard treated its longtime fans. Unfortunately is really does seem to boil down to the fact that our current version of Activision Blizzard King is not anything like our beloved Blizzard of old. That Blizzard brought us awesome games by gamers, who were excited to share common interests with us and thrilled we would support them by purchasing their products. That Blizzard no longer exists. After 20+ years of mergers and buyouts and personnel changes... Blizzard is a mere husk of its former self. It would appear that no one in charge is willing to chance producing the kind of content we, the fans, crave. Any and all new releases are going to be watered down and delivered in such a way as to make it inoffensive and palatable to as large an audience as possible.
Unfortunately for us, that means they will absolutely be focusing on mobile platforms. I've done a bit of reading the last day or so and there's all kinds of data out there to support massive growth in the gaming industry based on mobile users. As a corporation, this is the direction they have to look in order to remain competitive in the industry. I only wish we knew for certain if they actually have a team working on content Diablo fans really want. A dark, adult themed game that may well not have a happy ending. A game designed for the PC that implements some of the excellent suggestions others have already made. Instead, we are left with an attempt to shove a mobile product we did not ask for down our collective throats and them telling us we will like it of we try it. Too late for that approach, too late. It's as if they prepared a delicious steak cooked to perfection with all your favorite sides, and then served it up on a filthy garbage can lid. Anyone with a lick of sense and who still has any feelings for the Diablo fanbase should have recognized DI was going to go over like a lead balloon. If they were honestly suprised, they are simply out of touch with us. If they were not surprised....
I'm sure ActiBliz will weather this storm and move forward into the bold new world of mobile gameing. I'm just afraid they have left all of us and the spirit that creates great games behind in the process.
After Blizzcon and youtube..

This topic is a new action how they don't care the "previous" community.

Its time to move for me,Wont buy any other blizz "projects".will only come back for dislike the videos and products from now on.
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Been saying it for years that blizzard was garbage now. I would have literally asked them how long they think it'll take them to overthrow EA as worst company in america. Mission completed btw

After Diablow 3, HoTS, or the majority of all the WoW xpacs do you honestly have hope that even if / when Diablo 4 comes out that it'll be even remotely good?

Maybe we should give them a participation trophy. That's how we handle mediocrity now right?

You're busy being blinded by nostalgia, Blizzard games have become better over time and the newer games and explanation packs are vastly superior to their predecessors

D2 had one expansion with 2 new classes, D3 had 1 new expansion and a separate purchasable class over 6 years... ya thats progress alright. the only progress there is progress on money its not progress on on actual content.
Am I the only person picturing "We hear you, please tell us what you think." <you begin to talk, they get up>
YOU: "Excuse me?"
BLIZZ <Places card board cut out of themselves in front of you with an Oprah style 'intense listening face' as they walk off into the back room to spend your money on drugs> "Go ahead, we are listening!"

I can't be the only person seeing this image.
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If we don't get an answer from Blizzard before this day ended I'll lose all faith and Blizzard can rot in hell drowning in its own filth

EDIT: and I don't mean a "look they posted something on Reddit", hell I don't care about Reddit, I never bought Reddit's Diablo games I bought Blizzard's Diablo, they should post in the BLIZZARD DIABLO FORUMS, NO TWITTER, NO REDDIT, NO BULLSH*T

Well it seems that we got totally ignored, not sure if they really are listening but I'm sure that they are not reading at all, I'm done with Blizzard, I don't have any hopes on something good from them anymore. After more than 20 years of playing Blizzard games this is where I say goodbye.

Gentlemen, It has been a privilege playing with you. And Blizzard, you can rot in hell and I hope you go bankrupt so your people realize how !@#$ed up your mentality and the game industry has become
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
We want to start by saying we hear you.

Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.

The biggest problem is this is what we've been hearing from Blizzard for nearly a decade now, and the playerbase has just said "enough is enough."

We've been thru the horse and carrot far, far too long.

And while this enriching and engaging opportunity has now long passed you by, when the dust settles.. confidence has been lost. Even a moderate Diablo fan can pour over the history of the franchise and these forums in the last 10-15 years and get a good enough glimpse on how this playerbase, (the base that made Blizzard what it is today) has been told time and time again "We are listening" and "more is coming". And as this playerbase grows a little older and matures.. they have less and less time to linger on broken promises and false hope. What more.. is the loss of confidence that Blizzard has the team to develop or the backing of shareholders with their Activision overlords, to deliver a product that your consumers / playerbase wants.

You couldve started with a DIablo 2 remaster. How is this not a Hole In One? How did this idea get surpassed?? You do realize that millions of players wouldve prolly forked out another 20, 50, 100 dollars for this game, right? Probably wouldnt have taken alot to remaster, either.

We get it. There is a massive market for mobile gaming and microtransactions. (Which you did a great job of dodging the questions about) And that, that is a direction that you want to go. Great. We aren't mobile gamers. We don't care. Its a reskinned game by another company. Cool. We ain't gonna play it. If you make a few million in China with it... maybe a lil in NA / Europe. Good for you. But the epic blunder of releasing this at the 'con is laughable. As far as gamers go, you are currently the center of ridicule in the eyes of gamers. Not even the schill journalists and vague articles will help the damage thats been done. You made XBox one and EA look like saints and angels. Did not know that was possible till you guys stole that title.

Stop talking to us like 10 year olds. We were 10 when we bought Vikings. Some of us have grandchildren now since we started being a part of this company. Its okay to say a little more than "we have multiple Diablo projects in the works." We wanted to hear "A diablo 2 remaster is on the way, and we are currently working to reassemble a Diablo 4 team, since most of the core Blizzard / Blizzard north team has been decimated."

Remaster Diablo 2. Im still mouth agape shocked that this hasnt been done like 5 years ago. You don't need the Worlds All Star dev team to get this done.

Get a team together for Diablo 4. Keep us in the loop. Hell push demo's on us. We can help you make it!! "We have more Diablo projects in the works" sounds like "We have nothing done, and have no people on it cuz they are doing other things."

Blizzcon and Diablo is a ... PC gaming 'con? Or am I mistaken? We want to hear about PC games. Not mobile games. No1 cares about Mobile games. Except China. Go have a mobile 'con in China. I feel sorry for the hundreds of people that paid big money to go to a PC gaming 'con to hear that @#$%@ in person.. lol. I feel even worse for the Vticket ppl. What a scam the 'con has turned out to be.

If anything, thank you for the post. And thank you for allowing me a platform to vent. I have been playing Blizzard games for 26 years.. and a little frustrated to say the least.

At the end of the day, with so many other companies doing amazing things in the ARPG genre now, and the 20% loss of your stock price and the decimation of the Diablo 2 / Blizzard North.. you most definitely have your work cut out for you if you are to remain, and wish to be, viable in this genre anymore.

As for me, I have unsubbed from WoW, have uninstalled all of my Blizzard games + client and have spent everyday since the last day of 'con checking out other games, other companies doing ARPG, and other genres to fill the gap. My BNet is full and nearly 80% of all of them have done the same.

My hope is that you win me back. I might not even give Blizzard a second glance from now on till I see the Diablo 2 Remaster. Lord only knows Im not waiting around on other Blizz titles for another 5 years for D4.

Wish you all the best.

Formerly yours,

If you make Diablo 4 a lot more like Diablo 2 than Diablo 3, I'll be a happy camper.

I started playing D2 again and I enjoy it substantially more than D3 because of the meta economic game of trading/wealth management that was removed from D3. Please build an in-game trading system and a lobby system where you can create games with 8 or more people. I seems like you undervalued the economic game and overvalued the "killing demons" part of the game in D3. Yes, killing demons is fun, but you need BOTH systems (at least I do...).

I liked the rune system in D2, so I hope you bring that back in D4.

Also, I hope we get more "curveball" classes. I loved the witch doctor in D3. It was a class I didn't see coming, but it ended up being my favorite.
I think I'll just throw a copy paste here;

#1. You hyped it up with a video saying multiple Diablo projects. People cut their schedules to fly over to Blizzcon, people took vacations over this from their work. You could've said; "we have one certain thing that we may show you" to not ramp it up after years of silence. Then anything else would be extra joy for fans. Instead of that, you obeyed your superiors and hyped it up for selling more Blizzcon tickets. That was a bait and switch and only one of the reasons why people got angry. People expected something but greeted with blurts.

You still have the galls to repeat "multiple projects ;)" but these people are spent on giving you credit with that last video. You promised multiple projects but we only got one project aimed at the richest 1-3% of the world revealed. It's still a mystery if these multiple projects have any PC games between them, somewhere.

We don't believe anything until we hear it directly or see it. I like Wyatt, but he shrugged the question about PC projects with "we have multiple projects" and "we work with multiple platforms" only. This is not a direct answer. These kind of steers on wordplay only get you a day or a week tops. Anything you say at this moment won't go further than this:
An NDA shouldn't be too strict to prevent you from saying something so simple. If it does then bravo, you managed to lost people' trust all over the world. Why you announced multiple Diablo projects if you can't back it up?

#2. Blizzard has mainly a PC audience, since they climbed up here with PC games and it all started within'. When you released that Blizzcon hype-up video, people thought there'd be a major project on PC or any game console. Because you were just done porting D3 to Nintendo Switch already. We weren't expecting a mobile game as the major dish content on Blizzcon at the face of a PC heavy audience.

There's nothing else left and you chose to enter a new market by risking what you had. You could've make it big, you could've make this Blizzcon a big hit; but you shoved it crashing aside and brought a mobile game that only can be played on 1000$ value phones comfortably by cash whales.
Have you did a market research about how many of these $1000 phone owners are willing to play games on their easily overheated, flimsily fragile phones for hours daily? If you only had it intended for wholly another market, why haven't you come out with something else aimed at your current followers? I believe you forgot to run a market research about your core audience while doing other researchs.

Blizzard, you have turned tail and that's at the cost of risking what you got in the pack. We are sorta amazed by how can you be so tone deaf and how you wasting your potential with mobile market and announcing it so proudly from a year away while backlash was inevitable.

#3. Blizzard moved without fans and hopped into the mobile without even giving a clue to it. You ditched the fans like it's some sort of gig to you.
If you don't believe that you have a PC audience, take a look at Blizzcon pictures, take a look at empty Diablo Immortal area that anyone hardly visited. You don't have a mobile player base, it's not hard to realize. People don't dump half of their income to flimsy phones like you did a month or two years ago just because half of office got that "whale" on the hook.
What did you expect to see there? A bunch of 12-15 yo rich kids playing a game about demonic siblings in a public stall and willing to bust in $200 at the drop of a hat? Was that your ideal core audience?

That DENIES any chance of us giving you a "constructive feedback"; what do you expect to hear? Because all of us is well aware that you are stuck with that "toy" of yours, and we're only PC-console based players who grew up with Blizzard games. Even if we give constructive feedback, it will be dismissed as we heard "We Hear You" words several times across these boards. Show us with your actions that you "listen", not just hear.

That was why people spammed "F" along the threads, it's because there was a huge dismissal communication and we only realized it now. You don't know what we want, you're trying to dictate it by following a tone deaf direction. So keep listening and act upon it, instead of faking like hearing us for a month then dismiss all communication like old times.

#4. Wyatt never answered the battery life when playing Diablo Immortal since features are lacking. That was crucial, and it appears game deserves "reskin" rumours. It was outsourced to NetEase who uses a really old Messiah engine that also used for making other aRPG titles, and assets provided by Blizzard.
While Netease partnering with Qualcomm to improve that engine, eventually battery life or phone price will be affected by that and system requirement may call for pricier chipsets. Considering Diablo players have a go at it for 6-10 hours straight on an average session at least, results are worrying to say the least.

While 6-8 hours is definitely not the timespan that you await your food to arrive in a restaurant, nor it's how long it takes you to take a dump in the toilet, it's an uncertainity if game allows you to pause, save momentarily or not. In a Diablo game you run to next battle always, there's no clues or hints about combat pace either.
It looks like a wasted opportunity to me. You could have the same eccentric PBR featured engine at PC, without the need of emulators. Playing a watered down aRPG experience with hectic mouse-kboard combination designed for tap controls, will feel like cheating.

#5. You didn't await that fan backlash and had no second plans to ease it down. Fans simply question if there were multiple projects or if that was complete lie to lure us. Now Diablo Immortal release is a year away and fans having a seizure while you're stuck with it. You're really good with locking yourself down on dilemmas. Game is at least a year away and your stock value keep tanking that PR disaster's damage.
Don't tell me that's what happens every year of this season; you're all over the media outlets now. They're talking about your 22%~ loss over 3 days, it never stooped that bad.

Let me show ya' where you are; PvP and trading is a requirement if you want that game to be any long breathed, that's for sure. Alas, your old D3 player base hate these elements to the brink of cursing at or using bad metaphores about them which has no boundaries. Modern players that you plan on appealing will hate this model, but it's required to push the game forward. While old D2 players won't find the family friendly art style of the game any appealing either. Now how do you solve it?

You have to try and appeal this game to old D2 fans but I doubt if most of them have any expensive phones or $200 a month to play this, and will frown upon how the story is told. You have no choice but to trust NetEase's view on the game at this instance if they're old Diablo players. Modern approach won't let you make it competitive or violent, while old-school approach will be put off by lack of any elements. Your customer service will get filled with trading scam or griefing tickets like in AH times, you may even get yourself in trouble with U.S legislations because of digital trading.

That's how you locked yourself in. None of these approaches are right when you take the middle road. Trying to appeal modern play will keep the game's life span rather shorter since there'll be no competitive base ground. Trying to appeal old school players will cause lotsa chaos and grief. May be that's for the best to not keep yourself busy for too long.

#6. You still didn't answer monetization model on this game. That doesn't really tell us any, nor "ease" the fire. NetEase is infamous about their previous titles to include aggressive monetization models. Now your stock market is falling after a terrible Blizzcon which is not usual, the mist upon the monetization models still didn't dissolve.

If you keep your silence people gonna assume it will be an aggressive model like any other NetEase title. Upon confirming it, you'd be serving best aRPG franchise title to the other games awaiting a release. There are rumors about your patent back in '15 for aggressive monetization match-making system. Where match-making system toss players where they witness the power of a certain weapon that "conincidentally" sold with a discount at the market at that time.

You know what's the funny thing here? You could've open a Cash Shop to the D3 and we'd simply throw our wallets at you without a second thought. Because as a Blizzard fan we realize how jobs run and you may always use extra cash.

As a Diablo fan I bought other games from Blizzard which I hardly played but I bought it for collection value and feeling good that I helped them. And there are many more like me, I swear. Yet that doesn't mean I'd be willing to eat what you toss at me every time. Yes, your fans are this gullible, but will call out any fundamental shifts for the worse and preying on kids. You just crossed a few borders without realizing it.

#7. You answered a PR disaster with another PR disaster and appears someone is fiddling with Youtube and social media. This is NOT a good sign and people will call it out and that moment investors sniff out any lack of confidence then your stock market value will tank the hit.
Your investors are NOT dumb, they have phones too. They can tell how your last CoD game or Destiny 2 in the series received, as well as this year's Blizzcon. Your new CoD in the series and Destiny 2 made sells under expectations; Diablo trying to change face hopelessly to prey on younger audience and WoW repeats itself after more than a decade.

Are you not aware of Streisand Effect? Can't you realize if you try to suppress it, it will rebound back for the worse on the web? "Fan reaction is muted" is not a good save face on a meeting. If you really trust your market at Apple and China by partnering with a big company then show some resiliency and "show us that you hear" by taking the critics. Muting Youtube comments or removing dislikes en masse won't grant you any good at the long term. Also it's a mystery if any of our data is going through NetEase by Battle.net account sync or not.

#8. On a press presentation and review, Allen said "many of our best developers moved to the mobile" to exactly quote him. That's also admitting only new blood is hired for the newer projects on other platforms, -if you have any- and you're unsure of the outcome. That's also an admit of gamble since mobile app market is saturated to hell and back and most life span you can squeeze out from a simple mobile game is no longer than 6 months to one year. Whilst a solid PC game goes for a decade at least before player base dying.

On another interview Wyatt stated, that they're planning to support the game indefinitely, which also translates to resources will be focused to the mobile game while dismissal of PC and consoles will remain. This is not how you draw a good portrait outside; by forgetting who brought you here today.

If there's a PC platform project, you have to state there's a new PC project since "not forgetting PC" also can mean a simple patch to the Diablo 3 or ladder reset. People done believing and reading between lines in an optimistic manner. It's time for an act else your market will drop further along the year until you release the Diablo Immortal or come up with good answers.

1- Apologize to your ''REAL'' fans.
2- Cancel Diablo Immortal.
3- Bring Blizzard North back. (Especially David Brevik.) MAX SCHAEFER too
4- No more mobile ideas for Diablo franchise.
5- Bring more content than seasons to Diablo 3. (New classes, maps, abilities, acts, etc.)
6- Work on Diablo 4 ''SERIOUSLY''.
7- Remaster Diablo 1 and 2.
8- Always listen to your ''REAL'' fanbase.

Constructive enough? Hope so.

Just announce that the development for D4 or D1/D2:Remaster is ongoing.
11/09/2018 11:29 PMPosted by Aleks

1- Apologize to your ''REAL'' fans.
2- Cancel Diablo Immortal.
3- Bring Blizzard North back. (Especially David Brevik.) MAX SCHAEFER too
4- No more mobile ideas for Diablo franchise.
5- Bring more content than seasons to Diablo 3. (New classes, maps, abilities, acts, etc.)
6- Work on Diablo 4 ''SERIOUSLY''.
7- Remaster Diablo 1 and 2.
8- Always listen to your ''REAL'' fanbase.

Constructive enough? Hope so.


11/09/2018 11:29 PMPosted by Aleks

1- Apologize to your ''REAL'' fans.
2- Cancel Diablo Immortal.
3- Bring Blizzard North back. (Especially David Brevik.) MAX SCHAEFER too
4- No more mobile ideas for Diablo franchise.
5- Bring more content than seasons to Diablo 3. (New classes, maps, abilities, acts, etc.)
6- Work on Diablo 4 ''SERIOUSLY''.
7- Remaster Diablo 1 and 2.
8- Always listen to your ''REAL'' fanbase.

Constructive enough? Hope so.


Guys,dont be a romantic.

They are in a mood like they know everything better than millions of people.

"We hear you"..even this sentence shows what their mood is.How arrogant

They act like they are on the top of Mount Olympus.

So dont wait much from Blizzard from now on,imo

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