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11/10/2018 04:55 AMPosted by Deatheye
More than 2000 comments and no response and they seriously wonder why people are mad.

They are trying to mute our response.
11/10/2018 03:19 AMPosted by BagboyBrown
103 pages and not 1 response...

They don't care, guys. :(

05/01/2018 02:11 PMPosted by Nevalistis
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
We want to start by saying we hear you.

Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.

I'm not going to say a mobile game isn't work for diablo. Times and technologies changes.
But the thing is that the actual community is strong on PC or console, and for a few months (not going to say years, but more than a years is correct), the actual community have got nothing to update, or wait for.

The two big points we all have to know is:
The hardcore diablo community don't like mobile (generation PC)
Mobile games is a necessary step for an entertainment enterprise (generate money).

If at least there had been something for that community, the frustration targeted against the new game would not have appeared.
I think the rage against diablo inmortal is not against the new game. It has been the only goal to channel the anger of not having anything for PC.
Diablo Inmortal can be a great game for the new generations, and maybe for the actual too, and I hope this step goes good for Blizzard. Also, I think the new mobile gamers usually don't create, or join, big communities like that. They (usually) are more "casual" and changes faster. Comparing these two generations is like comparing one night stand with a romantic relationship. It's two different worlds, nobody can mix them.
But,,, the real community wants more attention that the one we have for the last times.

All, the hardcore community and the developers, need to think about everything, knowing us better, and try to fix that. Both of us.
[Edited]By Nevalistis words, it seems Blizzard is doing that. We the community have to try to do the same too.
Damage control at work, check. Even more resources taken away from creating new content, check.

The Diablo PC community built this company and has provided a strong fanbase since the release of the first game. New content is a must now because I promise you PoE and Grim Dawn's teams, among others, are now racing towards that goal to solidify their growing hold on YOUR departing fanbase.
Huge difference between hearing and listening. Everyone hears everything around them, doesn't mean they're actually listening. Just saying
Take a deep look into other arpg games, as well to those that are under development. See what works, what doesn`t. Make a great lore! Just take few steps(years) back and remind yourselves what made a D2 such good game.

And make game that will rise and shine among them all. That is the main thing Diablo Fans want in big summary...
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FEAR of predatory micro-transactions
The bane of mobile games is the predatory micro-transactions, progression walls that force you to use said micro-transactions, and the obtrusive ads reminding you of the micro-transaction store (or bubble witch mobile game).

The lack of a business plan for micro-transactions (Wyatt in Q&A) is disheartening. I could easily assume that he was talking about micro-transactions for cosmetic stuff. But, I'm not taking a chance. (I wasn't there. Feel free to correct me)

No matter how "fun" a game is (mobile or PC), I will uninstall any game that has predatory micro-transactions.

UNCERTAINTY of the future of Diablo on PC
A mobile game was announced at a conference filled with PC Gamers. No announcements (or hints) were made about future PC Content for the Diablo franchise. Talk about how Diablo:Immortal is going to be "the next big thing" is coming across as "all future Diablo games will be mobile"...due to the lack of evidence for future PC Content.

Yes, Blizzard may have "multiple Diablo projects", but there is no evidence that those projects are PC Content related. For all we know, the projects could be for Happy Meal Toys, "Nephalem vs Zombies" (a "plants vs zombies" ripoff) mobile game, or even the janitor creating a mural in the bathrooms (for Diablo's booth at next year's BlizzCon).

DOUBT that communications will ever be maintained.
This isn't the first fiasco with a "we hear you" thread (eg Necromancer launch). I fear it might not be the last. And, if it is the last "we hear you" post, it is because Diablo franchise has died.
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I think Blizzard might ask us to get an Asus ROG Phone
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
We want to start by saying we hear you.

What I really would like to hear is the future of Diablo 3

Are you planning to release a dlc for it? Are you preparing new patch or patches for it or do you consider it mainly finished? Is new expansion in works or have you moved on?

I know, one can easily guess the answers but I would like to enjoy my D3 experience by knowing the answers at this point, 6 years since release.
Could you answer come of the comments?
The next Diablo game needs to be set entirely in Whimsyshire.
I think the problem with the higher ups at blizzard is they live too much in the future and too less in the reality - their way of decisioning clearly displays that.
I rarely give input, but the amount of misleading information only to have a mobile announcement as a climax on a historically PC game confrence (console nowadays as well) with literally no mention of the current latest release IP is quite sad. Honestly even mentioning a druid expansion pack or a simple update giving QoL changes and balancing out sets would have resulted in exponentially less negative feedback, if any.

As a software engineer I'm aware of the difficulties and the development cycle of software and I am aware of the risky and generally negatively looked at early announcement of a product especially when it can change. However, given the amount of input from the forums of literaly die-hard fans, I can't seem to comprehend how the disconnection happened.

I might not be speaking for everyone but Blizzard has to genuienly stick to their origins and stick to what made them the company they are now. Of course a company and their products have to evolve, but forgetting the roots is a huge mistake given the cult following around the single parent of the ARPG game genre.

I seem to see evolving in the transition D1->D2 and degeneration D2->D3. The game feels shallow and not as engaing (even though I've spent literal thousands of hours). Diablo 3 felt like a "diablo-clone", as if the company behind it was different, which in ways, it is. With the announcement of Diablo Immortal with no word for the cult fan base you, Blizzard, might have confirmed the fears of people who were hoping D3 was just a small mistake and the team have learned from it. Don't misunderstand me, Diablo 3 is a great game, just not a great Diablo game given the previous titles and how they have evolved.

This being said, what I know the community wants is:
- Itemization with depth (not just increasing dmg% upon set completion). I remember when The Furnace had a crushing blow effect, or when we had life steal.
- Make legendary items feel legendary - To this day I've never had some items drop in Diablo 2 and that's why it always feels fresh to play the game. I sometimes get a unique drop and end up scratching my head what it might be (given 2-3k hours in it) and feel the need to refer to the d2 guide. I don't get that with Diablo 3.
- Characters not feeling like a batch of cookies made from a machine. There's virtually no difference between every character of the same class. I just don't understand where the RPG factor comes in Diablo 3.
- Difficulty scaling is not ideal. That being said, repeating the story 3 times in different diffuclties isn't ideal either, but if you look at games like PoE, I think they've got it right when it comes to content and it's difficulty.

It feels like the action part has taken over the Diablo franchise and is not planning on having the RPG in its genre anymore like it did in previous titles. As Diablo Immortal from what I have seen has no RPG elements in it other than the fact it has items which really isn't a make it or break it in terms of slapping the game in the RPG genre

There's literally so many things the diablo team can learn from the IPs history, I don't even know why the fans have to write essays explaining to the people responsible for the choices made concerning the franchise about how off-the-mark they were.

TL;DR Take a history class in Diablo

Edit: I was in a rush since I was in my work break and had some grammatical errors :)
you hear us ? really ?
so how about you answer some questions ?

some of the posters here worked their !@# off to write alot feedback
So it's been 2 days. No announcement or anything?

I doubt you guys are gonna read 100+ pages of this single thread anyway, so what did you "hear" over these past 2 days?
Absolutely poor that Blizzard thinks that a mobile game will satisfy his PC-Customer. Maybe all employes and the whole managment at Blizzard plays mobile only....we don't!
D3 failed We all feel you on that one D2 systems d3 graphics with a bit of go between. Is it really that hard? Some nice complex system with options we can get lost in. Some thing dark .

But all that has been said about a billions times.on these forums.Nothing.

Your bad PR is well justified It is not only the mobile junk marketing to us pc gamers, But the general disrespect of the communties that have watched you take something great and destroy it.

The Rage you are feeling is a symptom of your arrogance and general lack of production quality. If this is the best stuff this bunch of (Gamers) can produce as a company then you failed.
Have any of you played d2 or even d3 for that matter?
We are tired of half baked systems made for 3 yearolds.
Fix diablo 3
Or remake 2in hd

To little to late yet again blizz.
We listen is getting old, show us something.

We are feed up with the propoganda.

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A piece of feedback on the feedback situation itself.

You're asking for feedback, but there's no dialogue happening. Its a one-sided demand-list. You're giving us so little info at an absolute snails-pace, all the feedback you're essentially going to get out of this is "we want D4". And after what happened at BlizzCon, it probably won't stop until that actually happens.

And because there's no actual dialogue happening, we're going to get a D4 that's all over the place because feedback was never concisely focused on any one thing.

I know you're tired of hearing this by now, but look at GGG. Looks at Digital Extremes. I know they make F2P titles, but the community and staff are constantly talking. They don't get a dry-pasted paragraph about feedback is welcomed days after a huge PR disaster. They're so focused on updating their games for their community they actually have to talk to people on an individual basis, not just content creators, and not just in industry jargon. And the largest irony of that is that they're F2P titles that need to impress their customers all the time. And the result is the communities constantly get new things relevant to them, and very often in a way they actually want (not all the time though, but nobody's perfect). And somehow, its still financially worth it for the developers as well.

Just food for thought. Not so much aimed at CMs specifically, but moreso at these constant walls and barriers actually preventing dialogue. You, as a company, are too focused on being PR-effective that you've actually become the equivilent of lawyers without faces. Takes days to pass simple messages along, and you get replies that sound completely corporate, and the possibility of having a fun time together while discussing feedback or the future of a franchise isn't even remotely there. And this is not about you, Nevalistis. This is aimed at the people making sure CMs aren't allowed to be anything but robots in the first place.

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