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This post from blizzard is the first step in the right direction.

With that being said, this has been handled poorly on the part of Blizzard since August. The teaser caused all sorts of issues for us. Most people thought we were getting D4. When Blizzard tried to temper the community’s expectations. Most of us thought we were getting a Diablo 1, or Diablo 2 remake with the possibility of new Diablo 3 content.

None of this happened. Blizzard gamers a predominately PC gamers. No one is clamoring for a mobile title. A mobile companion app is okay, but not a full fledged game hashing out Diablos story.

Mobile announcments are not what we want or expect at Blizzcon. I spent $1500 going to Blizzcon this year. In the 5 cons I’ve been to. I’ve never seen the
Community so deflated. People literally left the convention and didn’t come back. I spent less time at the con this year than any year in the past.

Bottom line is from beginning to end, this is not the Blizzard we grew up with. Blizzard wouldn’t tease us like that. Blizzard would show us the game when it was ready. Blizzard wouldn’t make a mobile title the main course at Blizzcon. The community feels like this a complete cash grab. We miss the Blizzard that was run by gamers for gamers.

I would LOVE to see an open world Diablo with a darker tone. YES, the darker tone works. Rated R movies are making a comback, so can dark games.

We need a skill tree much closer to Diablo 2

Do away with rifts, bring back boss runs

Bosses need to feel less like a WOW boss and more like D2 Bosses.

Trading needs to come back, Trading for SOJ's was incredible.

Do away with damage scaling in weapon damage.

I would like to farm gear on my favorite character for an alternate one.

The power leveling needs to stop.
Family Friendly and Diablo should never exist in the same sentence.

How about you stop censoring and banning people for expressing their frustration over how fans were treated at Blizzcon and the poor choice to announce D;I at Blizzcon and nothing else. Behaviour during Blizzcon and following has been terrible.
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
we hear you
There is a difference between hearing and listening.

Hearing is simply noticing a sound but not necessarily interpret what was heard into anything meaningful.

Listening is when you pay attention, turning the sounds into words and making sense of it all.

If all you are doing is "hearing", all you notice is the noise and do nothing else about it.

Blizzard has repeatedly parroted this "we hear you" line like a broken record for far too long. Players are sick and tired of it because of the lack of action.

So my message is basically this:


Stop hearing and start listening to your fan base.

We need meaningful action, not hollow words.
11/07/2018 05:42 PMPosted by Muter
With that being said, this has been handled poorly on the part of Blizzard since August.

This is not new. They do this to us on EVERY IP for YEARS now. We've had enough of their bull !@#$.
2 best videos on internet to explain things

this one is for laugh

probably one of best review
Just slapping DIABLO on a generic open world farming MMO game flies in the face of everything you say you stand for.

Everything you've said shows you have no idea what a Diablo game even is, let alone how to make one.

Playing Path of Exile is an easy choice. I expect Diablo 4 to be some open world RPG with no thought at all given to the gameplay from D2 people have enjoyed for decades.

Even Diablo 3 is dumbed down. Forced Sets handing developer designed builds to players isn't fun. It gets old fast. You tried to avoid people looking up builds, but it still happens anyway.

Stop fighting the core principle of Diablo 2. Let players make mistakes.
11/07/2018 05:27 PMPosted by Edriel
Just to start, allow us to mod Diablo 3.
So we (not you), the community, can bring Diablo to the place it deserves. To the top. On PC and Consoles.

I wholeheartedly support this. It would be awesome. I have no doubt that talented members of this community could do wonders with modding tools.

Blizzard used to ship games with scenario editors. I believe Diablo never got one, but it would be a really welcome addition. One that could actually bring the game to a good state.
Constructive Criticism: Disband the committee and demote the managers that decided a mobile game could serve as a headliner for Blizzcon using a franchise that's been in a drought for over half a decade. Those responsible for believing this was an acceptable approach are out of touch and lack the sort of good judgement that make a company profitable... don't believe me, just ask your shareholders.

A mobile game should only be released under 2 circumstances: When a franchise is riding high on your CORE product, such that customers can continue to be engaged on the go and thereby extend the duration of that ongoing success.. Or when a franchise has reached rock bottom and there's still a few morsels to be scraped out of the tin can before tossing it aside. The latter is what EA did to the C&C series, and so no doubt people are getting deja vu.

Deconstructive Criticism: WTF are doing outsourcing this?! People love Blizzard for their commitment to quality and consistently fun, well supported, lovingly-crafted games. Is this the corruption of Activision we all feared?
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
we hear you.

Your core community members don't want you to hear them. They want you to actually care about their concerns AND translate those concerns into tangible results.

Diablo:Immortal was the manifestation of every fear your core fanbase has had ever since Vivendi merged with Activision in 2008. Blizzard games were no longer going to be designed by game designers. They were going to be designed by board room execs and their cadre of market analysts using spread sheets, instead of play-testing, to determine the absolute best return on every dollar invested. If that meant alienating portions of your core fanbase...then so be it.

These aren't unfounded fears. It already happened with Diablo 3. The fans voiced innumerable concerns about the apparent direction Diablo 3 was taking during its development between 2009 and 2012. It didn't matter. Nothing changed. The fans were ignored or told that Blizzard knew what they wanted more than they did themselves.

Here were some of their concerns:
1. Won't a RMAH cause a fundamental shift in how people play the game?
2. Won't an itemization system which relegates Legendary items to the "decent enough" tier make them feel...well...not Legendary?
3. Won't erasing all methods of meaningful character customization (skill points, trees, etc) reduce the sense of investment players feel for their characters?
4. I don't like the idea of dying in Hardcore mode because I lagged out...in a single-player game.
5. This art style seems to be a departure from the traditional Diablo aesthetic. I can't shake the impression that it's reminiscent of WoW.
6. Etc...

Diablo 3 shipped and this is what players got:

1. A RMAH which literally destroyed the item economy and turned players into auction house tycoons instead of actually playing the game.
2. Itemization system had to be completely overhauled because the original system was so bad that the new one was labeled "2.0".
3. Paragon points were added as an extremely poor attempt to maintain some semblance of character advancement/customization once players hit max level very quickly.
4. Still can't play the game offline
5. Art aesthetic remained exactly the same. Players who had voiced concerns were then mocked with the Easter Egg level Whimsyshire.

Even if you were to announce a new "core" Diablo game (the game your entire audience at Blizzcon spent thousands of dollars on plane tickets, hotels, conference tickets, etc. to see), a lot of your long-time fanbase likely wouldn't care. They would reasonably assume that every game design decision in that game was directed downward by the same execs who want to tap into the enormous mobile gaming market because that's where all the money is. It would be a game for the same casual players that D:I is targeting.

You have the Herculean task of proving to the multitude of ostracized hardcore fans that Blizzard still has the ability, and desire, to produce a game that excites them. You did use the idea of a mobile Diablo game as an actual April Fool's joke in 2014.

Mark Kern, one of your rather accomplished prior employees, reacted by describing Blizzard as "not understanding gamers anymore" and possibly "in some billion dollar a year ivory tower."

Prove him, and your jaded fanbase, wrong.
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
We want to start by saying we hear you.

Once again looking the wrong way Nev.

It is no longer ABOUT the franchise, or the platform or whether or not we the gamers who are upset or not. You (plural collective you not singular individual you) have had six years in which to change that particular direction. You made the choice (for good or ill) not to change the direction. You chose not to keep up the level of communication necessary to keep your fans and customers happy. When things went awry (Jay Wilson, Bashiok and now Wyatt Cheng) you stuck your fingers in your ears. That's okay. That was your choice to make. We made ours and we drifted away to other titles some of use. Kam se Kam sa

No. It is no longer the customers you will have to deal with. You have a much more urgent audience you will have to address. You see you allowed this fiasco (and it is a fiasco) to spill out into the industry (some of the industry newsies tried their level best to deflect some of the incoming ire by authoring tweets and articles that just makes most of us cringe at the blatant behind kissing and yes manning they were doing (along with blaming and insulting YOUR customers by the by) but it didn't even stop there. It flowed like a living breathing thing out to the financial and investor industry community and Barron's and IBT and The Register and Forbes all reported on it. And report on it they did. Questioning whether or not you Blizzard were able to perform in the mobile market space at all after that little tirade of Wyatt's. No you have a much much more urgent audience. And oddly enough you will have no CHOICE but to talk to them Tomorrow.

With your Forward P/E and your PEG where they are and the amount of valuation you have lost over the past two trading days when you should have been increasing (the rest of the market was up over all yesterday and Monday but you guys weren't! NASDAQ 100's Biggest Loser on Monday) 1.5 billion in debt you are liquidating. MAU's down across the board since June. Half a billion in first day sales of CoD BlackOps 4 and the Market said what have you done for me lately? Your earnings are down this quarter. You are likely not going to beat on earnings OR on revenue this quarter. And now you have D:I fiasco to explain on the earnings call tomorrow.

I truly hope I am wrong here but I can easily see you breaking through the 52 week low tomorrow or Friday. I am not sure but it my break through $40.00 a share. It is hard to watch but this is a direct lesson in what happens when you so badly lose touch with your customers.

"There's no hiding place down here.
There's no hiding place down here.
You know I went to the rock to hide my face
And the rock cried out: no hiding place.
There's no hiding place down here.

You know the sinners gonna be running
At the knowledge of their fate.
They gonna run to the rocks in the mountains,
But their prayers will be too late.

You know they forgot about PC'ers,
Not knowing the earnings call was nigh,
But they will be running trying to find a hiding place,
When it comes their time to die.

No hiding place on the mountain,
No hiding place in the waters,
No hiding place down here, no hiding place.
I went to the rock to hide my face
And the rock cried out: no hiding place.
There's no hiding place down here.

You know when the wall catch on fire,
There'll be no hidden place.
When the waters starts boiling
There'll be no hiding place.

Can't you see old Tyrael running say: Wyatt, save my soul!
Saying: Wyatt, Wyatt have mercy, won't you save my soul.
Saying: Wyatt and Alan have mercy, won't you save my soul.

There's no hiding place down here.
There's no hiding place down here.
You know I went to the rock to hide my face
And the rock cried out: no hiding place.
There's no hiding place down here. --apologies to the Gospel Harmonettes.
Blizz is like the prodigal son.

Ive been hurt so many times, that i almost expect it.

When D4 comes out, i know i will nurture it like as if it was my own.

Just be quick...i really dont want to play POE.
Miss Nevalist It is difficult to be constructive if Blizzard makes destructive decisions about the game. Forgive me for this reflection.


It is my opinion and please, understand that the only thing that the community expects is some content for the PC platform. Whether expansion, DCLs or D2 remaster.. or maybe D4 but i think its too much to ask.
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
we hear you.

is this some new an out of season april fools joke?
"We hear you"? Just like in WoW? Words are cheap, we have learned that, we know that.
It took you close to a week to respond. That is not anything to be proud of.
Here's a thought experiment.

People were cool with hearthstone being on mobile.

People are not cool with Diablo being on mobile.

Why is this? First, hearthstone was made by blizzard, we have Netease in the mix with Diablo. Are the source games fitting for the mobile platform? Are tone, atmosphere, and content changed to fit the platform? Is one game on one platform being sacrificed (content, gameplay, ect..) in any way at the expense of the other? Are they both being supported well on both platforms? Do people have a choice between each of the platforms and feeling they're getting all the content? Is the audience of Diablo fitting for each platform? Will the mobile version feel like a watered down experience in comparison to the PC version? (If existent?) Is Diablo only kept around for mobile while ignored on PC (Where every single fan has played the game)? Will both platforms have similar monitization?
Please give us something to look forward to. We aren't looking into other games just because we're angry, it's because we're seeking refuge.
Good to know you guys are at least taking the criticism well - because you're aware that you did this to yourselves right? This is 100% on you, I mean you guys HAD to know it wouldn't go over well. Even just a small title card for D4 would have been better than nothing at all.

Anyways, as per the request, you may want to strongly consider dropping a D2 HD remaster if nothing else? I mean, the WC3 announcement was actually pretty cool - moreso personally as I have been thinking of buying it lately and then POOF I see you guys are remaking it, which was awesome.

At the bare minimum in the meantime while we're waiting for real info on D4, perhaps some more QoL updates for D3? I took quite a long absence from it (not entirely by choice having no PC for about 2 years ugh) and have only been back since roughly S14, but it's already growing a bit stale. Too many of the cooler legendary powers don't scale up well if at all, various mechanics/builds could use buffing so more options are viable and we desperately need something to do other than just grind out GRs.

Also keep in mind that while D3's Switch port appears to be a very good job, Path of Exile just dropped console trailers for both XB1 and PS4 which I'm guessing was timed rather deliberately i.e. they smell blood in the water. I actually happen to like both games, but I'm a Diablo fan at heart and would like to see something - anything - to reassure myself and fellow fans the franchise is in good hands.
are you guys really listening?i really doubt and i'm ready to start play PoE when released on ps4

how about betering the gameplay [in terms of more confortable to play]

increase maximum bloodshards in inventory[a lot more]

[basically make bonus passive and/or last until you die for pet builds; i'm not suggesting nothing to increase the power]

witch doctor:
[zunimassa set]: remove mana spenders
[transcendency belt]: 15~20 fetish sycophant are gerated when you wear the belt, they last until you die.
[sacred harvester]: soul harvest last until you die
[helltooth set]: damage bonus still active independent if you cast wall of death or not

skeleton mage last until you die

*i buy the necro few days before the blizzcon. i'm really desapointed...

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