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04/02/2019 03:19 AMPosted by Doomfire
Wyatt Cheng = Master troll.

I think he's just tired of crunch time of bigger projects at this point and wanna settle down for easier things. Too bad, I know that guy have potential to lead another big project rather than waiting for an outsource.
It's like your most talented guy asking permission to watch paint dry.
I feel you're not hearing us. I was around when the first Diablo came out....I was there when the secret war between Diablo players and the WoW players had occurred back in the early 2000s. I was there when Blizzard took all the Diablo revenues and wasted it on building WoW. Then what happens? Wyatt Cheng makes a mockery of Diablo saying it's going to be made to be put on mobile by some random company out of Asia. Then on the sidelines I see the WoW players making this game in their own personal jokes. This is very upsetting. The only solution, sell the rights to Diablo to a company that will take care of it. All of Diablo and it's Lore. We don't want Diablo to be associated with a company that made WoW happened and from the money it generated from Diablo. Being that Blizzard let go of a good population of it's workers, some of us feels the survival rate of Diablo /2/3 is not going to last long at the rate Blizzard is going, anyway. None of us doesn't want Diablo associated with WoW at all. That secret war has never ended.

We know who made who. We know WoW didn't stand it's ground on it's own merits. Let all of Diablo go to another company that will do better for it. It's bad enough that Blizzard mistreats it's own product like all the Diablo games. If you're not happy with it, sell it to someone who can make use of it. We all know Blizzard is about to die off anyways. It just a matter of time.
6 months is a long time, maybe they forgot they were listening?
We’re fully committed to listening and engaging

There is the possibility that they could be listening, that can’t really be proven one way or the other. But engaging, phfff. Not one bit. Through simple observation anyone can easily conclude that they have failed at engaging the community. This brings into question their desire and or ability to commit to anything.
I was there when Blizzard took all the Diablo revenues an wasted it on building WoW.

I am certain that Blizz took the profits that they made from all of their games to make WoW. Then when WoW became the 800lb gorilla in the house that all other MMOs in the same genre tried to copy to get a piece of WoW's success. Blizz only used profits from WoW to keep making more expansions.

I would love to have even the smallest portion of profits from WoW. Because if I did I am sure that I would have more than enough money to live on.
Anything yet? No? Aight, see you next month!
You hear us and you have the audacity to change the additional stash space in 2.6.5 to be gated behind seasons?
04/09/2019 08:45 PMPosted by HunterKiller
You hear us and you have the audacity to change the additional stash space in 2.6.5 to be gated behind seasons?

Thanks for the heads up.
You aren't listening.

We don't want to do 5 more seasons of the same hoops for stash tabs.

Everyone's going to start rioting again if this goes down.
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
we hear you.

When the PTR notes came out, we thought were listening.

But after the stash space fiasco today... nope, you guys aren't listening. The devs have missed the point again.
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
we hear you.

A few days ago...
We've listened to some of the most desired QoL improvements so we're giving everyone access to five extra Stash tabs, purchased with in-game gold.

We've decided to change our mind and make it so that you have to obtain five more seasonal Conqueror achievements to unlock them, taking you 15-18 months, we won't be retroactively grant them if you've already obtained 9 Conquerors and we won't bother to post anything in the forums to tell you that we changed this.

This thread is supposed to be about how you're listening to us, in an attempt to make communications between Blizzard and its customers better and yet here you are, doing a bait and switch, deliberately not telling your customers about the change in the hope that no-one would notice.
We hear you?

We asked for more stash space for years and you finally give it. We asked to not gate stash space behind seasons and you’ve never listened back then and are now making the same mistake.

I think yes you’ve been listening, but have choosen to ignore our feedback.

Time to sell more activison shares. I see customer service and listening to customer feedback is non existent here.
If the people at Blizzard are truly listening to their player base why have you sneakily gated the Stash Tabs to Seasonal players only? As a Non Seasonal player only I believe it is a travesty that a quality of life feature for everyone in this game and there is no way for a Non Seasonal player to earn or simply buy them. There are lots of players that don't play Seasons or burnt out playing Seasons and you are segregating whole Mode of players.
If I wanted to start a game over and over and over and over and over again from scratch I would be playing checkers or chess or even friggen tiddly winks!
I had my fill of starting this game over and over again in Vanilla. The best part of the lousy Patch Notes was the Stash Tabs for "everyone" with no strings attached, since you forgot to include Barbarians and Demon Hunters in the notes what so ever.
What !@#$ing use is it that you "hear us" if everything we say is in one ear and out the other? %^-* this stash tab gating bull!@#$ and %^-* you.
All of these gating mechanics are an obvious attempt to keep Monthly Active Users, and I'm sick of it. It breaks my damned heart how much this company has lost touch with those who made it successful. Six years asking for more stash tabs, six months without any sort of Blizzcon apology, and honestly.... I'm also surprised Immortal isn't out yet.

Blizzard, you are failing and it's a failing of historic proportions. People are going to write books about this it's up to you what lesson they learn. How an industry leader collapses overnight or how they claw their way back from the abyss? It's up to you.
We hear you - but we don't care.
We hear you - so we can make empty promises and then kick you in the face.
Just disappointing.
Maybe if a CM was actually part of the community they are managing...oh wait...
Blizz to players, "Do you guys not have stash tabs?"

Stashgate is real.
[quote="207684307517"]We want to start by saying we hear you.

PC players are losing the 5 stash tabs, "we hear you" is a blatant LIE

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